There is a mistake in the garbage sorting map that brushes the screen in the circle of friends! Here comes the official publication

 There is a mistake in the garbage sorting map that brushes the screen in the circle of friends! Here comes the official publication

The garbage sorting pictures forwarded by the circle of friends, marked with small forks, are all wrong. The pictures in this article are all from the Wechat public number Where is the garbage?

Harmful Waste

This form incorporates many household medical items into hazardous waste, such as wound bandages, medical cotton swabs, medical gauze, syringes, etc.

Secondly, before entering the terminal disposal, there are pretreatment and sorting links related to manual sorting. As a matter of fact, it is not safe for such used materials to contact with human body directly.

Thirdly, the production of harmful waste in residential areas is small, so the frequency of cleaning and transporting is far lower than that of dry waste, which also has potential health hazards in the community.

Therefore, the cotton swabs, gauze and bandages produced sporadically by families, especially syringes, are recommended to be put into hospitals, community hospitals or pharmacies with medical waste recycling facilities; if they can not be put into practice, they can be burned safely and put into dry garbage.

Lighters, color palettes, watercolor pens, fluorescent sticks, expired cosmetics, hair gels do not need to be picked out separately. They can be thrown into the dry garbage can.

Error 3:

Perfume bottles are generally made of glass, so they belong to recyclables. Similarly, there are metal gas tanks. Remember to empty these items before putting them in.


In fact, there are not many harmful garbage in our life. Waste batteries, lamp tubes, medicines, paints and containers are the most common harmful garbage in our life.

Recyclable items: This list basically follows the principle of glass-gold plastic paper clothing

Toothbrushes are not recommended for recycling bins, but for dry garbage.

The requirement of recyclable materials is clean and dry, and the contents need to be cleaned and put in. The contents of the toothpaste skin are difficult to clean completely, so the toothpaste skin is better than dry garbage.

Dry garbage

Error 1:

Error 2:

The pots, jars and cups mentioned above, if they are made of glass, metal or plastic, still have certain recycling value. Likewise, wooden combs and basketballs can be recycled, so this kind of pots can be put into recyclable barrels.

Error 3:

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