The President kicked the lawyer out of the group of defendants and plaintiffs: He made me less reputable.

 The President kicked the lawyer out of the group of defendants and plaintiffs: He made me less reputable.

On January 22, this year, after a dispute with the group leader over a police law enforcement screenshot released by Wechat Group, the group friend was kicked out by the group leader.

The group is headed by Liu Dezhi, the chairman of the Peoples Court of Pingdu City, Shandong Province. The group friend is Liu Kongsheng, a lawyer in Pingdu City, Shandong Province.

In response, Liu Kongshengsui sued Liu Dezhi in court for violation of his personality rights, demanding that the court decide that the latter should invite him back to the group, apologize publicly for three days and compensate for mental damage by 10,000 yuan.

This issue has attracted wide attention on the Internet.

A few days ago, the Qingdao Intermediate Peoples Court ruled that the case would be heard by Laixi Court.

On June 12, in an interview with cover journalists, Liu Kongsheng said that the prosecution was not for compensation. The process of his kicking me reduced my reputation, degraded my personality and damaged my spirit.

Up to the time of publication, Liu Dezhi did not reply to the cover journalists interview for the time being.

At present, the case has not yet been heard.

Cover Journalist: Why were you kicked out?

Liu Kongsheng: I disclosed a screenshot of another police law enforcement case in the group. He (Liu Dezhi) said that you should not send out content unrelated to the theme of this group.

As I said, I thought that the group owners all like the group atmosphere to be more active. He said there was no need for trouble. After a few words of argument, he kicked me out.

Cover Journalist: So far, Liu Dezhi has not been interviewed by the media. However, the staff of Qingdao Intermediate Court, the superior department of Pingdu City Court, said in a media interview that you made improper remarks, stopped and did not listen. Whats your attitude towards this?

Liu Kongsheng: This case is not yet finalized. They are a system. They want to maintain the image of the court. If I were you, I could only say that.

Lawyer Liu Kongsheng

Cover Journalist: There are legal experts commenting that such trivial matters to resort to law, will increase the burden on the court. What do you think of this?

Liu Kongsheng: I certainly disapprove. He (expert) is not considered, this is not the general Wechat group, this is a working group, is to provide services to lawyers Litigation Service group. If he practiced locally, and many important notices passed through the group, he was kicked. Can he say that?

Cover Journalist: Why is the cause of your lawsuit a civil dispute over general personality rights?

Liu Kongsheng: The process of his kicking me has reduced my reputation, my personality and caused mental damage. My local reputation is very good, including my meritorious service and awards every year. Local judges and lawyers respect me very much, and I am also the backbone of my business. It became a riot in his eyes, and then I kicked it away, and my right to service was violated.

Cover Journalist: If Liu Dezhi disagrees with your lawsuit, what will you do next?

Liu Kongsheng: Actually, I thought for a long time that if a settlement agreement was reached, it would be pulled down. I dont want the money either. But if he doesnt reconcile, I have to act in accordance with the law. I cant withdraw the lawsuit. He must have a good attitude.

If he does not reconcile, let the court decide that both of us can appeal against the ruling, and I will go to the end of the procedure. The outcome of the case itself is no longer important. It can arouse lawyerslegal spirit and consciousness, which is much more important than the result of the case itself. (Pictures provided by respondents)

Source: Responsible Editor of Cover News: Li Wan_B11284