On the day of Shinzo Abes visit to Iran, Japans oil tanker was attacked by the United States and Iraq

 On the day of Shinzo Abes visit to Iran, Japans oil tanker was attacked by the United States and Iraq

On the day of Prime Minister Shinzo Abes visit to Iran and his meeting with Supreme Leader Hamenei, two oil tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman, one of which was the Guohua Courage of Japan. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said on Twitter that the attack on the oil tanker on the day of the Japanese Prime Ministers visit was suspicious.

CBS reported on June 13 that two serious oil tanker damage incidents had occurred in the Middle East in succession in the past month, and U.S. officials again quickly blamed Iran for the damage. A U.S. Defense Department official said that it is highly likely that Iran launched these attacks, and denied Irans claim to rescue crew members in the Gulf of Oman.

Officials say the United States wants to find enough debris to determine the source of the attack, and whether to retaliate against Iran depends on evidence and the attitude of the Gulf states. The CBS said that the carrier Lincoln, which had arrived in the Gulf before, had also set out, whether to carry out the plan or to respond to the attack.

Taiwans Frontline Altair ignited a fire (source: Oriental ic)

On Thursday, June 13, two oil tankers were attacked near the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic location in the Gulf region. One oil tanker caught fire and drifted on the sea.

This is the second time in a month that tankers in the region have been severely damaged, and U.S. officials have again swiftly blamed Iran for the damage. It is highly likely that Iran launched a series of attacks, said David Martin, a senior CBS national security correspondent, the same day.

The Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency (IRNA) reported that Iranian rescue agencies evacuated 44 crew members from two tankers and brought them safely to Jask, Iran. The U.S. defense official denied the claim and said it was clearly wrong, saying the USS Banbridge rescued 21 crew members.

The defense official claimed to CBS correspondent Martin that he saw reports that an oil tanker crew believed the ship had been hit by torpedoes or torpedoes, but on the other hand he could not confirm the report.

Oman Bay Waters (Source: Google Maps)

A U.S. official told Martin that the U.S. authorities wanted to find enough debris from the attack to track the source. The official said any U.S. retaliation would depend on whether evidence of the attack was found in connection with Iran and the attitude of other Gulf countries.

Last month, there was an explosion in the port of the United Arab Emirates and four oil tankers were attacked in the waters of the United Arab Emirates. The U.S. official said Saudi Arabia had no intention of retaliation at that time, but now its thinking has changed.

In early May, the United States deployed the 12th Carrier Strike Brigade (CSG12) headed by the carrier Abraham Lincoln to the Persian Gulf. According to CBS News, the aircraft carrier Lincoln originally docked at the port of Oman has set off, not knowing whether to carry out the plan or to respond to the attack.

On the same day, Abe Jinsan met with Irans supreme spiritual leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. After meeting with Khamenei, Abe told reporters in Tehran that Iran had no intention of nuclear weapons.

CBS said the timing of the attack was very sensitive. When it happened, Shinzo Abe was visiting Iran to try to restart diplomacy and break the deadlock.

Japans Ministry of Economy and Industry said that both of the attacked tankers were carrying goods related to Japan. Japans shipping company, Guohua Industries, confirmed to NHK that its chemical vessel, Kokukai Courageous, had been attacked. The ship, flying the Panamanian flag, was completed in 2010 with a total tonnage of 19,000 tons.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif tweeted that what may happen this morning is not suspicious enough and said that Irans proposed regional dialogue forum is imperative.

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