My grandfathers ghost-catching experience in 1949

 My grandfathers ghost-catching experience in 1949

The good-hearted man came up to persuade him that the house was not clean. Grandpa said, If you dont feel guilty, why are you afraid of the ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night? Then they packed up and moved in. There was a young man named Nautilus in charge. He usually got along well with my grandfather and did not listen to evil. He also went to live in the yard house. However, the parrot stayed for one night and said nothing the next day. No matter who asked him why he moved out, he shook his head and did not say why. On the first day, Grandpa settled accounts until midnight, and slept soundly in the latter half of the night. He did not feel anything wrong happened, so he did not care. The next night, Grandpa was alone in the room. It was almost midnight when I fell asleep after I had finished accounting. Just as Grandpa was sleeping soundly, he was suddenly awakened by a noise. He opened his eyes and looked. Near his sleep, there was a table with an oil lamp on it. The lamps flame was green, and it was leaping in a flash, and it seemed to be fluttering and uncertain. He also saw a group of people around the table, shouting at each other and pushing cards. Grandpa slept soundly and was very annoyed when he woke up. He sat up from his bed and looked at it. He slapped him on the back of the nearest man and shouted, Ive worked out the bill for the middle of the night. Im tired enough. Are you going to keep people awake? As soon as the voice fell, the lights in the room went out instantly, the people disappeared, the noise disappeared, and Grandpa went on sleeping, regardless of thirty-seven or twenty-one.

Later, Grandpa remembered that the man who was slapped on the back with his palm last night was the one with hair on his head and a long blue robe. However, my grandfather did not believe in that evil. Later that day, he still went to the courtyard house to settle accounts and sleep. However, Grandpa kept an eye on it today. When he had finished the accounts, it was almost midnight to look at the time. Instead of going to bed, he sat cross-legged on the small fire and waited quietly.

My grandfather thought he would meet these ghosts. Its dark outside the window. Its cloudy. The red flame of the little oil lamp on the billing table was blown back and forth by the cold wind squeezing in through the cracks in the wooden windows. Grandpas heart was also panicked, simply closed his eyes, nothing to think about.

About a quarter of an hour later, out of the window came the words rustle... The sound is very subtle. Grandpa opened his eyes and looked at the window. He saw a dark object standing in front of the window. Because there was rough yellow paper on the wooden window, he could only see the blurred outline of the object: it was a shawl! Grandpa did not speak, and continued to observe the movement of the animals. Sorry... This voice is more and more, more and more miscellaneous, more and more terrible. At the same time, several shawls appeared in front of the window. Grandpas heart was so tense that his hands began to tremble. Suddenly, everything was quiet, the rustle... The sound disappeared. Quiet, dead silence. Grandpa felt that the group of ghosts outside the window were looking at themselves through the window, and they were looking at them themselves! Look at each other, look at each other... Sometimes silence is associated with fear. Grandpa seemed to hear only the sound of his own heartbeat.

Aha... Aha ha ha... Cold, out of the window came a voice of a woman who was crying, laughing and moaning. The voice was very lame and made Grandpa tremble. Then the ghosts began to shake out of the window with the sound...

Grandpa slid down with his big abacus in his hand and went outside to have a look. In the dark, a ghost could not be seen. Grandpa touched a cold sweat on his face, went back to the house and locked the door inside, and went to sleep peacefully.

How do you know they are not ghosts? I asked Grandpa.

Grandpa said that when they gambled elsewhere, they were caught by the government. Its their own account...