These four points are the biggest taboos in mens and womens intercourse.

 These four points are the biggest taboos in mens and womens intercourse.

1. Think of love as a matter of course.

But sometimes the feeling is so strange, the person who pays too much often can not get the best return, and the person who has been spoiled will gradually forget to put their position in the emotion.

Lin Xias demands for her boyfriend are increasing. He is asked not to play games with his brothers, not to talk to other girls, to be with him all the time, and to buy expensive gifts for himself on all festivals.

As long as one of these requirements is not met, she will cry and say that her boyfriend does not love herself.

My boyfriend was still accommodating at first, but after a long time, he would not like to be so used to Linxia. Yes, the person who loves you is not the one who has no bottom line. No matter how good-tempered he is, there will be an impatient day.

Love must be mutual. The more you give each other, the more he will give back. If you always ask for it and never give it, the other will leave one day.

When her boyfriend proposed to break up, Linxia also wished to solve the problem in a noisy way, but eventually she found out that her boyfriend did not love her anymore.

Friends are like this, not to mention the parents of the madman. They witnessed several times when the madmans girlfriend got angry and punched and kicked his son. They really had no good feeling for the girl. The madman looked at his parents and felt extremely embarrassed.

Finally, he can only endure the pain of breaking up, no matter how painful the other party is, he feels that the long pain is worse than the short pain.

Love needs mutual tolerance and love. No matter what the other party does wrong, you will release your emotions regardless of the occasion. No one is born to be bullied by you, and loving you is not the reason why you can act recklessly.

Summer said that his predecessor was a boy with strong control. He did not like going out with friends in summer, participating in any activities in summer, wearing a little dew clothes in summer, and not returning his information in summer.

4. Always like to compare, always not satisfied.

Feifei is such a girl who likes to compare her boyfriend with other men. She felt that other men would make more money than their boyfriends, have a better figure than their boyfriends, dress better than their boyfriends, and be more romantic than their boyfriends.

I also have a friend, Qiangzi, who likes to compare his girlfriend with other girls. His mantra is Look at other people, then see you.

Qiangzi regretted that he loved his girlfriend so much that he usually just said it casually. But ah, he never thought that his complaint was just pushing his girlfriend away.

Emotion is never a personal thing, when you are working hard, the other side can work hard for you, you always feel that the other side gives you too little, feel that they pay too much, then the relationship will end sooner or later.

Emotion, this thing, must learn to cherish, will really last, because there is no perfect person in the world, there is no perfect feeling, no one can fully meet the standards you want, you need to do is trust, understanding, dependence, respect.

I believe that as long as you can work together for feelings, then feelings will last forever. Never use your so-called request to hurt someone who loves you, let alone violate these four love taboos.

I wish you happiness.