How Artificial Intelligence Gives Spirit to Suppression of Hegemony

 How Artificial Intelligence Gives Spirit to Suppression of Hegemony

The surviving revengers first encircled and suppressed hegemony: completed the fertility plan of eliminating hegemony, discharging armour and returning to land, and lived a retirement life. Captain Marvel, who was called by Nick Frey, joined the surviving Avengers and went to Titan to encircle and destroy the hegemony, trying to recapture the infinite gems.

Nebulae capture future memories for the first time: Also in 2014, nebulae with damaged central systems show future visions in holographic images.

Destroying hegemony knows the end of infinite war: on the spaceship of destroying hegemony, the nebula is tortured and tormented. At this moment, destroying hegemony knows the future through the memory of the nebula - who is the victor of Infinite War and who is killed by Thunder himself.

Nebula V.S. Nebula: The Nebula in 2014 first confronted the nebula in 2018, which robbed the latter of its space-time hijacking equipment.

Kelly Port and Jan Philip Cramer said that the close cooperation between the digital Kingdom and the director Russell Brothers in the construction of anti-hegemony has shifted from Compound 3 to the sequel. Based on Compound 3, the artists re-examined the features of the extermination of hegemony, and made some refinements and iterations, including skin changes and those eyes full of stories.

Unlike the victorious opponents, the retirement of the hegemonists is not as happy as they imagined. The act of destroying infinite gems seems to have taken away his immortality. In the initial stage of production, it was not clear how to show what the destroyer had to endure. Artists carried out a lot of research and imagination on the infinite gems or the impact of destroying the destroyer. Then they adopted a creative way to make the picture look dramatic enough and in line with the natural meaning. The destroyer with burns on his right arm and face appeared on the screen. Falling armor and putting on plain clothes are not the new white T-shirts waving with his hobbles, which echoes the shaky fragility of the hegemony itself.

Artificial intelligence endows the soul for eliminating hegemony

In interviews, the directors Russell Brothers conveyed the secrets of visual effect production of Confederation 4: the digital kingdom is one of the shakers of the destruction of hegemony. Through machine learning, they achieved a more detailed level in this film than Confederation 3, which is enough to render faster.

This leap has led the film production team to the creative level: refine the animation production, explore the emotional expression of the elimination of hegemony, depict the perceptual innovation of the elimination of hegemony in the scene. Details determine heights, and Compound 4 has become remarkable because it has super-standard control over roles.

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