Guangzhou Guide Dog Base is the only one in South China whose lease expires.

 Guangzhou Guide Dog Base is the only one in South China whose lease expires.

As Yajisha Island has been listed as the basic farmland protection land since 2016, the lease can not be renewed. On June 6, this year, the trading company posted a lawyers notice at the entrance of the base, saying that your company (Fenghao Company) should clear the site by June 30, 2019 and dispose of its own assets. If it fails to clear the site on time, the industrial company has the right to dispose of the assets on the site without compensation.

Yangcheng Evening News reporter contacted Guangzhou Jiaotong Industrial Co., Ltd. Relevant staff said that the transfer company received documents from the Guangzhou Municipal Government and was required to cooperate with the embankment reinforcement work as the ownership unit. The project was completed before July of the flood season. In the face of the base dilemma, the transfer company was also powerless.

On the 12th, the reporter came to the base, only to see that some of the wooden houses had been demolished, and a lot of sundries and electrical appliances were piled randomly on the open grass. Outside, there was a roar of machines and smoke billowing from the fall of the wooden house. Next to the kennel, there are still 20 guide dogs lying quietly on the ground.

It is understood that in the base of 10 kennels, each kennel is equipped with an air-conditioning to ensure the appropriate temperature for the life of guide dogs. Li Yuanzhen, a guide dog trainer, told reporters that, taking Labrador as an example, 18-23 degrees Celsius is the most suitable temperature for dogs to live in. In hot weather, dogs may suffer from heatstroke and dehydration, and even die in severe cases.

In the summer of Lingnan, the hot summer was unbearable, and the reporters sweated like rain for only half an hour. On the same day, the base also carried out daily matching training, with blind people and guide dogs tacit training.

Watching bulldozers continue to push the demolition, base staff are helpless. Li Yuanzhen said, The wooden house is our power house and main engine. If it is demolished, the base will be in a state of power failure. In such a hot season, guide dogs and trainers will not be able to live a normal life...

Chinese Guide Dog South Demonstration Base, trainer training guide dog (information photo) reporter Deng Bo

Looking for a new home and expecting more understanding and acceptance from the public

At such a critical stage, the base has fallen into the predicament of nowhere to settle down. We dont want to find land, but we cant find it! In an interview with reporters, He Libiao was very excited.

Some people think that we are building a dog farm, afraid of health and safety risks. But in fact, the guide dog is not a meat dog, but a working dog. It has strict feeding and environmental requirements, and its health requirements are extremely high. Every guide dog has a relevant quarantine certificate. Without a healthy body, it is impossible to become a guide dog. Zhang Miaozhao, head of the base, told reporters that in terms of hygiene, when a guide dog trains in an outdoor venue, the dogs feces are all loaded into a degradable environmental bag by the trainer, and then centralized landfill.

In addition, if a suitable new home can be found, the site application process will also take a certain amount of time. He Libiao introduced that after consultation with the owner of the leased site, the base should apply to the Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission for the establishment of the project with detailed address and other related materials, and then the joint meeting of the local government unanimously agreed that the project should be carried out within the territorial scope, so that the project can go through the approval formalities according to the process. Previously, when the base was looking for new sites, it also had card in the intermediate approval link.