More informing about the violation of discipline in civil servantsexaminations, cheaters are recorded in the honest and trustworthy archives

 More informing about the violation of discipline in civil servantsexaminations, cheaters are recorded in the honest and trustworthy archives

BEIJING, June 14, China New Network Client: In April of this year, more than 20 provinces in the country gathered for the civil service recruitment examination in 2019. Since May, many provinces have publicized the written results of the civil service examination intensively. With the release of written exams, some provinces have also disclosed to the outside world the violation of discipline in civil service exams. Many candidates have been recorded in the integrity files of civil service exams because of cheating, similar papers and other problems.

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Provincial Civil Servants Examination Written Examination List? Examination Violations Disclosure

On April 20 this year, 22 provinces across the country held the provincial examination for civil service recruitment on the same day, with a total of nearly 80,000 planned recruits. However, compared with the previous year, the planned recruitment scale of Fujian, Shandong and other provinces has decreased significantly this year.

Although many provinces have seen a shrinkage in their recruitment plans, it seems that the civil service examination fever has not decreased in all parts of the country. From the perspective of job competition, according to media reports, the competition for the hottest jobs in Guangxi, Shandong, Yunnan and other provinces is more than one in a thousand miles.

Since entering May, many provinces have published the written results of the civil service provincial entrance examination in 2019. According to the procedure of civil servant recruitment, candidates who pass the written examination will be faced with interview selection next. At present, many provinces have determined the time of qualification examination and interview.

At the same time, with the publication of written examination results, the reporter found that many provinces, including Fujian, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi and other provinces, also reported the irregularities in this years civil service examination candidates.

For example, the Fujian Provincial Department of Peoples Society decided to use mobile phones and other electronic equipment to shoot examination papers for two people, and to cancel the examination results, and record them in the civil service examination recruitment integrity archives for five years processing.

For example, the Shaanxi Personnel Examination Center handled 38 candidates who had general violations of discipline and regulations at the examination site as the examination results of this subject are invalid, warning once that if the general violations occur again, they will be recorded in the civil service examination and employment integrity files. Reporters found that the violations of discipline of these candidates include not taking the exam in the designated seat, deliberately damaging the test papers, answer sheets, answer cards, continue answering after the end of the test signal and so on.

DATA FIGURE: In the written examination of the National Examination of 2019, candidates are ready to enter the examination room. Cold Haoyang Photography

Strict Investigation of Similar Volumes in Many Places

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the above violations, the same volume is also this years provincial examination and punishment of examinee violations of discipline a major focus. On the eve of the written examination of the provincial civil service examination, many provinces have emphasized that the examination will strictly screen and identify the same paper.

In this years provincial examination, many provinces have also published the results of the treatment of the same volume.

Among them, the Shaanxi Personnel Examination Center has highly identical answers to the Administrative Professional Competence Test. Six candidates who cheated in the same examination room were given the treatment of the examination results of this subject are invalid. The circular said that a warning, if such a situation occurs again, will be recorded in the civil service examination and employment integrity files.

Fujian and Hunan also gave four and six candidates who were identified by professional institutions as having the same answer sheet the treatment of ineffective examination results in this subject (field).

In addition, the news that more than 20 candidates were convicted of cheating on the provincial civil service exam in Guizhou recently also aroused concern. According to Guizhou Provincial Justice Departments Weixin Public Number Qianwei Pu Fa, the police in Zunyi, Guizhou, recently successfully abolished a cheating gang in examinations, and three suspects were detained by the police according to law.

According to reports, in order to gain profits, these illegal elements organize candidates to cheat collectively during the civil service examination by selling headphones, transmitters, receivers and other equipment. A total of more than 20 candidates participated. Eventually, these candidates were cancelled because the exam papers were identical.

DATA GRAPH: In Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, candidates taking the civil service examination entered the examination site. Wei Liangshots

What are the criteria for judging the same volume?

For cheating on the same paper, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs issued the Procedures for Handling Violations of Discipline and Regulations in Civil Servant Examination, which began to be implemented in October 2016. It is stipulated that in the course of marking the papers, the examiners who have found that the contents of the same subject are identical among the applicants and confirmed by the marking expert group shall be given invalid treatment by the examining institutions that organize and implement the examination.

As for the criteria of identical papers, the Measures for Handling the Violations of Disciplines and Regulations in Civil ServantsExamination Enrollment clearly states that Examination institutions at or above the provincial level shall determine specific methods and standards for identical answers.

To this end, Li Manqing, a counseling expert for the Huatu Education Public Examination, introduced to Xinhua. com reporters that in the civil service examination, the evaluation criteria of the same paper are divided into subjective and objective papers. For example, in subjective papers, there is a high degree of consistency in the answers of the same subject, including the words or the main right and wrong points; in objective papers, there is a high degree of consistency in the answers chosen and painted by more than two candidates in objective papers.

For example, its normal for A and B candidates to have the same correct answers, but if all or most of the wrong answers are the same, then its possible to be judged by the system as the same paper, which needs further examination. Li Manqing said.

Li Manqing said that in order to ensure the openness and fairness of the civil service examination, relevant departments have standardized the technology, manpower, examination paper settings, ex post facto rights and interests protection and other aspects. For example, the competent departments of civil servants should strengthen the supervision of examinations, improve the level of technical prevention to ensure the safety of examinations, prevent organized cheating by means of multiple questions and other questions, and detect the information of examineesanswers through professional institutions, so as to screen the same examination papers.

Source: Liable Editor of CNN: Li Wan_B11284