Suspected husbands cheating to divorce women crash into the junior three suicide failed to be sentenced

 Suspected husbands cheating to divorce women crash into the junior three suicide failed to be sentenced

On June 13, Peng Mei News learned from the Peoples Procuratorate of Fuyang District of Hangzhou that this was an incident caused by suspected husbands marital derailment. Zhu Mou (a pseudonym) was the original match and Wang Mou (a pseudonym) was accused of having an ambiguous relationship with her husband.

After the incident, Zhu Mou left the scene of the accident and later went to the top floor of a demolished new residential area. However, he was afraid that the building would turn to the eighth floor and planned to jump to suicide. When his husband arrived, he persuaded and accompanied Zhu Mou to submit his case to the public security organ.

According to the police, Zhu met and fell in love with her husband Zhang Mou (a pseudonym) more than ten years ago. After marriage, the couple had two sons in harmony. At the end of 2017, after their house was demolished, Zhang opened a foot bath shop, recruited several employees, and the business flourished. Later, Zhu Mou heard rumors that Zhang Mou had an ambiguous relationship with Wang Mou, the manager of the store.

Zhu Mou used to be depressed after giving birth to a second child. She usually takes children and waits for her husband at home every day. Now her husband is busier getting out early and returning to work late. Her eldest son has become more rebellious since junior high school. Her 2-year-old youngest son still needs to take care of him by hand. Rumors that her husband has an affair have a great impact on her. One night when she saw her husbands delay in returning home, she called. Unexpectedly, the phone rang for a long time before it was answered. It was the sound of dressing and the explanation of her husbands panting. Unexpectedly, it wasnt long before her husband filed for divorce.

Zhu explained that she would feel confused about her future life if she divorced because she had no financial resources. In order to save her marriage, that night she found Wang Mou and negotiated in her car, but Wang Mou denied that she had an unfair relationship with Zhang Mou again, and asked Zhu Mou not to go to her again. When Zhu Mou thought of his husbands divorce, he said he would leave Fuyang. He also heard outsiders say that Wang Mou would resign soon. He thought they were going to fly away. From this, Zhu was desperate, and immediately after Wang got out of the car, he drove into her.

Peng Mei News learned from Fuyang Procuratorate that Zhu Mou suffered from depression and was a person with limited behavioral ability when committing a crime. Recently, Fuyang Court has made a first instance judgment on the case. Zhu Mou was convicted of intentional homicide and sentenced to four years and eight monthsimprisonment.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284