Wife of the Teacher in 20 YearsTime: Husband used to stick boards on his back like prisoners

 Wife of the Teacher in 20 YearsTime: Husband used to stick boards on his back like prisoners

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Dialogue Twenty years later hit the teacher. Wife of the client: She was kicked by the teacher and planted boards behind her like a prisoner (Source:)

On June 12, the highly concerned case of 20 years later students beat teachers was heard, which aroused concern again.

In Luanchuan County Court of Henan Province, the prosecution accused Chang Yao of beating Mr. Zhang Qinglin in July last year because he was angry at the thought of being beaten and insulted at school.

Changyao will record the video and spread it to others to watch, which will lead to the wide spread of video on the Internet, causing bad influence in society.

According to the public prosecution organ, Changyaos act constitutes the offence of provoking trouble, and it is suggested that the sentence should be between one year, six months and three years.

After the trial, the court adjourned the trial and handed down the judgment on a selective basis.

At noon on the 13th, as Changyaos wife, Hong Lan (pseudonym) was interviewed by a reporter from the Xiaoxiang Morning News.


He is a very sunny and loving person.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Yesterday, when you attended the court hearing, what was the difference when you saw Changyao?

Hong Lan: Yes, this is the first time I have seen my husband in 176 days. He is obviously much thinner and haggard. At that time, he was very sad and uncomfortable. Before that, he was the kind of person who was very sunny and loved.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: What is the specific performance?

Hong Lan: Sixty-seven years ago, when I first met him, my parents did not agree with him, because my family is from Anhui, he is from Henan, far away, but he dispelled my familys worries a little. After marriage, as always, family care, intimate.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: You have a two-year-old child.

Hong Lan: Daughters often call Dad. When they pick up the toys, they say that Dad bought them. When they play basketball, they also say that Dad is good at playing basketball. Because my husband has a wide range of hobbies, including fishing, running and watching basketball games.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: What about other people?

Hong Lan: He is willing to help others. When he sees difficulties in his hometown in Henan, he will donate voluntarily, ranging from 100 yuan to 1000 yuan.

A villager was unable to compensate for the car crash and his wife was on the verge of giving birth. When he learned about the situation, he borrowed 100,000 yuan in cash at one time. Luanchuan paste bar has a caring person to initiate donation activities to help poor households, he contacted the person in charge to donate 2000 yuan.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: I see a joint letter written by more than 150 villagers.

Hong Lan: All of them are for my husband. I mentioned some good deeds he has done. In the letter, I counted the details of his donations to poor households, to help villagers start businesses, and to enrich cultural and recreational activities.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Did you ask them to write this letter?

Hong Lan: After my husband was arrested, the villagers wrote it spontaneously, with a fingerprint on it.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: What about other teachers?

Hong Lan: I havent heard of his contradiction with other teachers. He knows that Mr. Qiao, the former head teacher in high school, is ill and needs surgery. He has not hesitated to donate 10,000 yuan.


Sometimes I remember the humiliation of being boarded.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: What was his performance in court?

Hong Lan: He was deeply aware of his mistakes and regretted it very much. When he talked about the situation in that year, he cried several times, which made it difficult to speak.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: What do you think of it?

Hong Lan: I also think he is wrong and should be punished, such as public security detention. This is the first public security qualitative case.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: But the result has not developed in the direction you imagined.

Hong Lan: Well. Unexpectedly, he was finally arrested and brought to court.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: You think the sentence is too heavy.

Hong Lan: Right. My wife and lawyer both expressed this view in court.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Why?

Hong Lan: As a 13-year-old boy, Chang Yao was beaten many times by Zhang Qinglin, the head teacher. In front of the whole class, sometimes he squatted down and kicked him for a dozen times. Sometimes he raised his hands on the blackboard and inserted a board like a prisoner. Sometimes he reacted to the principal because he couldnt stand bullying and then he retaliated maliciously.

This is Chang Yaos key motive for beating people, but it was ignored. Even when he was sobbing to state this reason, he was interrupted several times by the judge because a mysterious man waved to the judge halfway from the stage.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: What about the evidence?

Hong Lan: As witnessed by his classmates, there is an area of psychological shadow that can not be relieved for 20 years. In the days after we met, fell in love, fell in love and married, on Teachers Day or when he saw the news that a child was beaten, he sometimes described the details of his beating. He crouched with his head in his arms, that is, he was beaten like that, with a wooden board on his back.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: What did the prosecution say?

Hong Lan: They dont think youre injured. They cant prove that you were injured. However, how can I identify such injuries as evidence?


Fermentation of Public Opinion by Accusation Letter from School

Xiaoxiang Morning News: How long did Chang Yao hit Mr. Zhang?

Hong Lan: The total length of the video is 9 minutes and 20 seconds, with four slaps, one punch on the face, two pushes on the chest and kicks into the electric car. All of them are in theory with the teacher about how Changyao was beaten that year, which is not what Luanchuan Experimental Middle School called beating and scolding for more than 20 minutes.

On-site witnesses also said that neither side was injured, and no one heard Chang Yao say once a dozen.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Who spread it?

Hong Lan: Chang Yao passed the video to two classmates afterwards, telling them not to pass it on, and deleting it after reading, that is to say, he did not spread it to the public social media.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: How did the impact expand?

Hong Lan: A letter of accusation from Luanchuan Experimental Middle School is the fundamental factor that leads to the fermentation of public opinion, which causes the boiling of feelings. In this letter of accusation, they distorted the facts, deliberately exaggerated and stigmatized my husband, describing him as a ruffian, social scum, underworld forces, which is inconsistent with the facts.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Is this a one-sided complaint letter?

Hong Lan: Yes, they concealed the fact that Zhang Qinglin had beaten and insulted Changyao many times.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Is this a thorough private grievance?

Hong Lan: Chang Yao himself said that this is a temporary response to the beatings and insults suffered 20 years ago. It is a personal grievance, not a planned squatting guard, and has nothing to do with the group of teachers. I have also expressed my apologies on the Internet to other innocent teachers throughout the country, which is not what they should suffer.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: What is the basis?

Hong Lan: Chang Yao said that only Zhang Qinglin was targeted, but the letter of accusation deliberately rises to the dignity of teachers.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: The subsequent indictment, perhaps based on this statement, has a bad impact and seriously undermined social order?

Hong Lan: After the incident happened, Mr. Zhang did not say to his family that normal classes were held after the start of school. Videos appeared day after day to exercise, which did not affect the teaching in class.

At the same time, according to the public opinion analysis of microblogging in public security investigation, 82.18% is neutral information. How can we rashly accuse serious disruption of social order?

(Reporter called Zhang Qinglin on the 13th, the phone has been unanswered.)


We went to the door several times to apologize for being rejected.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Some people say you shouldnt hire a lawyer.

Hong Lan: To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of my family is not all advocated by the rule of law?

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Some people should confess their mistakes, apologize and serve their sentences honestly.

Hong Lan: We have been admitting our mistakes, but to achieve a fair and just result, we just hope that the punishment is within a reasonable range, just as the teacher punished the students, it should be within a reasonable limit.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Mr. Zhang said in an interview with the media that if Chang Yao apologized to him in court, he would forgive and speak for him in front of the judge.

Hong Lan: But he didnt appear in court yesterday.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: You and your family actually want to apologize to him in person?

Hong Lan: Thats true. Since my husband was imprisoned, my family and I have visited Mr. Zhangs home several times and apologized.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Whats the result?

Hong Lan: Wait for at least one hour and three more hours. Nobody wants to open the door and accept an apology.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Have you made any other efforts?

Hong Lan: At the end of the court, we have entrusted lawyers, hoping to contact each other, willing to provide 20,000 yuan spiritual compensation. Including Changyaos apology letter, I have made it public online.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Some people speculate on the Internet that you think you can balance it out if you have money.

Hong Lan: We are ordinary people, not rich people. At present, in Hangzhou, business start-ups to do clothing e-commerce and life are renting houses. There is no psychology of spending money to settle matters, but a sincere apology.


If he is sentenced, I will appeal.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: You have published articles on the Internet about your husbands good.

Hong Lan: I told those facts, not for the sake of others, but for the hope that others can know a person comprehensively and objectively.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: Someone said you were playing affection card.

Hong Lan: Its not gambling, so it cant be called cards.

Im just telling the truth. I hope you know the truth. I hope people can calm down after seeing the noise and think about how to judge a person.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: How do you think about it?

Hong Lan: Thinking cant be one-sided. Before that, public opinion paid attention to whether many students should beat teachers. Now, can we also think about the construction of teachersmorality, how to define punishment and beating, how to better educate students and how to reduce teachers beating students?

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Have you ever suffered corporal punishment from a teacher before?

Hong Lan: In elementary school, some students were occasionally corporal punished by hand-slapping or standing up to listen to classes, which are basically acceptable and reasonable. The purpose of this teacher is to let you listen to classes and study well without hurting your self-esteem. Even after many years, we will be grateful to the teacher for his seriousness and perseverance.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: But Changyaos experience is different?

Hong Lan: He was beaten and insulted beyond the normal range of corporal punishment. Should he be beaten just because he was a child and was unable to resist? Didnt anyone ever wonder how a 13-year-old baby could withstand such great harm? Will this create a lifetime of heart shadow?

Xiaoxiang Morning News: Shakespeare said, The joy of cruelty will end with cruelty.

Hong Lan: But its not advisable to put violence in the relationship between students and teachers.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: If Chang Yao was sentenced, what would you do?

Hong Lan: We will continue to appeal, because this is not the result he deserves.

Source: Liable Editor of Xiaoxiang Morning News: Li Wan_B11284