Does the driver charge a fee for returning passenger goods? 80percent of the online votes support it.

 Does the driver charge a fee for returning passenger goods? 80percent of the online votes support it.

Zhejiang Online on June 13, when I took a taxi, I lost my belongings on the bus. What should I do? Do passengers have to pay when the driver returns the goods? On June 11, drip trips announced the draft of Measures for the Management of Loss of Articles in Online Appointment Vehicles (Trial Implementation) (hereinafter referred to as draft for comments) to solicit opinions and suggestions from the public.

This is also the first management method for lost goods in domestic online car booking industry. For the first time in this draft, it is clear that if a passenger loses his or her belongings due to his or her negligence, he or she should pay a reasonable fee when the driver returns the belongings if he or she is unable to collect them by himself.

Do you want to pay? Droplet has initiated public comment

520,000 people voted online and 80% supported it.

Does the passenger have to pay when the driver returns the goods?

At the end of last year, the public Council launched similar discussions to solicit public votes.

At that time, more than 520,000 netizens voted online, and the results showed that 80% of the netizens needed to pay for their support, while only 20% did not pay for their support.

The reason for supporting paying online users is simple: Losing things is the responsibility of the owner himself, and passengers should pay for their lost things.

Net friend Xiao Li: When the driver picks up the car and takes it back, he cant run for nothing. The minimum fare is to be paid, or the owner can pick it up by himself.

Netizen Fei: I think it should be without affecting the interests of drivers, after all, everyone is not easy, delaying peoples work, it is normal to pay the toll.

Netizen Hu Meiman: Before that, I had the experience of losing items on the Internet approaching car. The last time I lost my cell phone on the bus, after contacting the driver, the driver brought it back to me. I gave the driver 200 yuan, and the driver accepted it. After all, I was in a hurry at that time, which caused trouble to the driver. I still thank the driver for bringing me back. I think its also right to give the driver some money.

However, there are also passengers who suggest that passengers should pay for the situation.

Netizens Doodle said that the driver is engaged in the service industry, should remind passengers not to leave items in the car when they get off. If the driver does not do a good job of reminding, I think the driver also needs to take some responsibility. If the journey is not far away and the money is returned free of charge, it is also a virtue to pick up money. If the passengers are still careless after the reminder and the driver drives the empty car back, the passengers should pay the corresponding fees.

How much to pay is the focus of heated discussion

Drivers recommend drop-by-drop settings for lost and returned orders

In the interview, many passengers supported that if the driver returned the lost property, he should pay a reasonable fee. But how much should be paid is the focus of the debate.

Passenger Declan said, Ive met some drivers asking for a lot of money. Its a bit too much to send back two mobile phones for 500 yuan.

Netizen You You: I have a question, how to ensure that the price of oil is fair?

Netizens Lei Ge said that the distance must be more than the nearest payment, there must be a quantitative standard.

Drivers are advised to set up a lost property management center or develop a lost property return function to avoid disputes caused by costs.

It has been 3 years since the master opened the car on the internet, and there are also many wallets and mobile phones found in the car at ordinary times. For safety reasons, every time he returns the lost things to the passengers in person, he will not ask the passengers to pay for the return fee. However, Shi said frankly that the cost of time spent each time is not low.

On the evening of June 10, a passenger left an Apple mobile phone on his masters car. From contacting the passenger to returning the mobile phone to the passenger, it took him more than an hour.

Shifu suggested whether the drop-off platform could set up the function of returning lost and found goods to the order. Passengers will choose the receiving place and route, and the master will send it back at a price. Its safe without delaying the teachers business.

In addition, netizens Haozi think that if the passengers are unwilling to pay the fee and the driver is unwilling to take a trip back in vain, the driver can search the nearest police station, hand over the lost goods to the police, and register the lost information. Not only is it safe, but passengers can pick it up at any time.

In this regard, Qianjiang Evening News reporter also consulted dripping platform. Droplet said that at present, the draft is in the public stage, and the platform also hopes to obtain a satisfactory solution for both drivers and passengers through this extensive solicitation of opinions.

Whats the easiest thing to fall in the car mobile phone ranks first

Recently, drop by drop released the first quarter of this year, find something related data.

Nationally, Hangzhou and Ningbo are among the top 20 on the Lost Things list. Hangzhou ranked 6th, Ningbo ranked 20th, Madaha lost 13581 and 5391 items respectively, while Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu ranked the top three.

From the category of lost items, mobile phones are the easiest to be forgotten in the car, and in the second and third places are household goods, keys and door cards.

At the same time, drip also disclosed to Qian Bao reporters those exotic flowers left on express trains and buses. Crawfish, old lamp, tires, surgical instruments, two bottles of toilet cleaners, gourds... These are the masterpieces of Madaha.

A passenger in Ningbo once dropped five bags of mud on his car.

In addition, January 13, 2019 (Laba Festival, Sunday) is the first quarter of the true National Forgetting Day, which calls drop customer service requests to find items of the largest number of passengers, reaching 6538 nationwide.

Easy to lose TOP10

Mobile phone

Articles for daily use

Keys, door cards (bus cards)

Backpack and suitcase

Documents (ID cards, passports)



Documents (information)

Food and Drinks


Lawyers statement

Reasonable expenditure such as toll, fuel and so on should be borne by the owner

Jie Jianyong, director of the Judicial Supervision and Legal Affairs Department of Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, believes that when a passenger loses an item, it is not a discarded item in the legal sense, but still belongs to the passengers item and has the owner.

At this time, drip drivers have a post-contract obligation to take care of it. They should do their best to take care of the passengerslost property and report the platform.

If it proves that the lost property has been found, malicious custody or abandonment will result in an obligation of return and compensation.

If the driver incurs the necessary expenses for keeping the passengers lost property, such as toll, fuel and other reasonable expenses, this should be borne by the owner, which is a legal obligation.

Source: Liable Editor of Zhejiang Online-Qianjiang Evening News: Li Wan_B11284