TSMC is a global TOP10 wafer manufacturer with two companies in the first mainland.

 TSMC is a global TOP10 wafer manufacturer with two companies in the first mainland.

In the field of semiconductor manufacturing, the most advanced companies in the world are Intel, TSMC and Samsung, followed by Globalfoundries lattice core and Unicom. However, Intel chips are self-produced and self-sold, and no longer provide outsourcing services.

TOP10 wafer generation factory list was released by the Tuoqi Industry Research Institute of Jibang Science and Technology in Q2, 2009. Under the influence of the overall market downturn, the revenue of the top 10 manufacturers in Q2 almost all declined. Total revenue in Q2 was only 15.36 billion US dollars, down 8% year-on-year.

In terms of specific ranking, TSMC ranked first with revenue of $7.553 billion and market share reached 49.2%. This advantage can not be surpassed by any manufacturer in a short time.

Samsung ranked second with revenue of $2.773 billion, down 9% year-on-year, and its market share was 18%.

Gexin ranked third, with quarterly revenue of $1.336 billion, down 12% from a year earlier and market share of 8.7%.

Unicom ranked fourth with revenue of $1.16 billion, but it also fell 13% and its market share was 7.5%.

Zhongxin Internationals revenue in the quarter was $790 million, down 11% year-on-year, and its market share was 5.1%.

Among the TOP10 manufacturers, there are two mainland manufacturers, one is Zhongxin International and the other is Huahong Semiconductor, but their share is not more than 10%. Their global influence is limited. At present, the most advanced production technology of the two companies is 28 nm. Both companies have plans to produce 14 nm process. Zhongxin International is in the second half of this year and Huahong is in 2020. But the manufacturing process is still two generations behind that of TSMC and other companies.

Source: Fast Technology Responsible Editor: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541