The General Administration of Market Supervision and Regulation voiced after the second round of tongue-to-tongue war between Gree and Oaks

 The General Administration of Market Supervision and Regulation voiced after the second round of tongue-to-tongue war between Gree and Oaks

On the afternoon of June 10, Gree posted a report on the production and sale of unqualified air-conditioning products by Ox Air-conditioning Co., Ltd. on the top of the official micro-blog, and @the official micro-blog of the State Administration of Market Supervision and the State Development and Reform Commission. According to Grees report letter, there is a big gap between the eight types of air conditioning products produced by Ox Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. and their publicity and nominal energy efficiency values, and the results of energy efficiency ratio and refrigeration consumption power testing are not qualified.

Source: Gree Electric Microblog

According to the report, Oakes Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. violates the state regulations seriously by producing and selling unqualified air conditioning products, which is suspected to constitute the production and sales of unqualified products and the sales amount is huge. At present, the above products are still sold through mainstream e-commerce platforms and physical stores. According to the TOP20 model ranking data of Chinas air-conditioning e-commerce market published by Oviyun. com, the online retail sales of KFR-25GW/NFW+3 and KFR-35GW/NFW+3 models reached 1.671 billion yuan in 2018, with sales of nearly 1 million sets.

About four hours later, Oakes responded to the fierce report by Gree, saying, Gree is neither a consumer nor a state regulator. It is obviously unreasonable, unreasonable and full of loopholes to claim that consumers report Oaks product problems to Gree.

Oaks said that when the sales season of 618 air-conditioning came, Grees use of slander was an obvious unfair competition. For the report of Geli, the company has reported the case to the public security organs, and will bring a lawsuit to the judicial organs to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company and maintain the normal order of the market according to law. The company is willing to accept the supervision and inspection of consumers and relevant state departments.

Second Round

Following Oaksreply to the report, Gree spoke again. On the evening of the 10th, Gree Electric said on its official microblog, Speak with facts! We are ready to provide sufficient evidence for the regulatory authorities to access and publish it to the public as appropriate.

In addition, Gree also issued eight inspection reports, the product model specifications in the inspection report are consistent with those previously reported by Gree. The inspection report shows that the inspection institution is Sichuan Electronic Products Supervision and Inspection Institute, and the sample production address is Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. The results of the eight inspection reports are all that the items examined by the samples do not meet the requirements of the standards. Among them, the test items are rated refrigeration capacity, rated refrigeration consumption power and energy efficiency ratio (EER).

Source: Gree Electric Microblog

It is noteworthy that the eight inspection reports disclosed by Gree at present do not show the sampling location, the sample sender and the sampling date. Whether the eight inspection reports are convincing or not also need further confirmation by the regulatory authorities.

Source: Weibo of Ox Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

Zheng Jianjiang said: Welcome supervision and build a reputation of national brand quality together, Oxwell said in a previous statement about the report. It is reported that Zheng Jianjiang is the chairman of Ox Group.

Past grievances

Previously, Gree, Mei and Oaks often sued each other for air-conditioning related patents.

According to media reports, a lawsuit between Gree and Oaks has set a record of the amount of compensation for patent infringement in the household appliances industry. On April 24, 2018, Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court adjudicated six patent infringement cases of Gree Electric Appliances v. Oaks Air Conditioner, three of which were convicted by the court as infringement, and Oaks paid a total of 46 million yuan for Grees economic losses and reasonable expenses. Among the three cases, the highest amount of compensation is 40 million yuan. Gray Electric alleges that the defendant Oakes violated the patent rights of Gray Electric by producing, selling and promising to sell eight types of air conditioning products using the patented technology of Gray Electric.

In addition to patented technology, according to media reports, Wen Kuanyu, assistant director of the Intellectual Property Office of Gree Electric Appliances, said that from 2010 to June 2017, Oaks had excavated more than 300 key personnel of research and development, quality inspection and other departments of Gree Electric Appliances through various improper ways.

Some media reports also pointed out that in mid-January this year, during the question-and-answer session of the first provisional shareholdersmeeting of Gree Electric Appliances in 2019, Dong Mingzhu, chairman and President of Gree Electric Appliances, once said bluntly: Never tell me about Ox. Dong Mingzhu said, Now Ox digs everyday in my place, even the workers dig, and even my people go to him to change their names. This is my mood now, stealing our technology, and cheating.

Some insiders said that Oakslow-price strategy in recent years posed a threat to Grees leading position. (Sino-Singapore longitude and latitude APP)

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