Iranian leader meets Shinzo Abe: does not accept his message from Trump

 Iranian leader meets Shinzo Abe: does not accept his message from Trump

Tehran, June 13, Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua) - Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei will meet visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the same day, according to the official Iranian media, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), on June 13, and will not accept the message from President Trump transmitted by Abe.

During the meeting, Khamenei repeatedly made it clear to Abe that it was not worth sending any message to Trump. Iran has no confidence in the United States, nor does it want to repeat previous negotiations with the United States under the framework of the Iranian nuclear agreement, which is not a pleasant experience.

Nevertheless, Abe repeated Trumps words: The United States does not seek regime change in Iran. Khamenei responded that the contradiction between Iraq and the United States does not lie in regime change, because the United States simply cannot achieve this goal. Over the past 40 years, many US presidents have tried to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran, but all failed.

Khamenei reiterated that Iran would not develop nuclear weapons. However, he noted that even if Iran really planned to develop nuclear weapons, the United States would have no choice, and that the U.S. ban would not be an obstacle to Irans adherence to nuclear weapons. The United States, with its huge nuclear arsenal, is not qualified to dictate to any country on the issue of nuclear weapons.

Iranian President Ruhani also attended the meeting.

Last May, Trump announced his unilateral withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement. Subsequently, the United States has restarted a series of sanctions against Iran. Iran has also taken counter-measures, declaring in May this year a moratorium on the implementation of some provisions of the Iranian nuclear agreement. Due to the delay in putting pressure on Irans limit, the United States has recently eased its door and expressed its willingness to talk to Iran. Irans foreign ministry said that the United States is playing a word game and that it is not worth Irans action.

Source of this article: Xinhua responsible editor: Li Wan_B11284