Five yearswork at the construction site after the death of the Huajia old man repays 260,000 yuan for his sons medical treatment

 Five yearswork at the construction site after the death of the Huajia old man repays 260,000 yuan for his sons medical treatment

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After losing their son, Huajia old man worked in the construction site for five years and paid 260,000 yuan for his sons medical treatment (source:)

People used to say that father repays his sons debts, but in Taizhuang Village, Daguan Town, Tongcheng City, Anhui Province, an old man took the initiative to pay his sons debts after experiencing the grief of white-haired sending black-haired people.

In order to cure his sons illness, the family not only spent only hundreds of thousands of savings, but also borrowed more than 300,000 from relatives and friends. Five years later, the old man went to work on the construction site and saved money bit by bit to pay off his debts.

As for the repayment of debts for the son, he said, A man has a big face and must be honest when he lives in the world.

Accidents: To save his sons family and property.

Unfortunately, its still the white-haired who send the black-haired.

Yu Guoyun lives in Taizhuang Village, Tongcheng Daguan Town, Anqing City, Anhui Province. He is 70 years old this year. He should have lived for his whole life, but he has to go down to work every day. Although life is still very difficult, but now he can finally breathe a sigh of relief, the debt is finally paid off, I can also stand up.

Yu Guoyun goes to work everyday.

In the past ten years, Yu Guoyun has not had an easy time. His wife died in his prime, and his son died in his old age. Successive misfortunes have severely damaged the old mans spirit, and the hundreds of thousands of debts left by his son when he was sick have overwhelmed him.

Yu Guoyun has one or two daughters. In his early years, his family was still in good condition. He went out to work and did some small projects. After his son got married, he drove a truck around. The family had a good life.

In 2003, Yu Guoyuns wife died. When his granddaughter was still young, he went home to help his son. Unfortunately, in August 2012, Yu Guoyuns son suffered from hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma, which quickly depleted his familys savings for many years.

Speaking of his sons illness, Yu Guoyun has not yet come out of his grief. At that time, I felt that the sky had collapsed. My son was the pillar of the family. He was only 36 years old. He knew that he could not cure his illness, but how could I give up? There was only one son! Yu Guoyun said that after discussing with his daughter-in-law, he decided to spare no effort to save his sons life. The family could not afford the high medical expenses, so he went to borrow from relatives and relatives. My daughter-in-law and I went to borrow. Fortunately, there were many relatives in our family. Every loan I made was written in my account book.

Yu Guoyun said that every loan was written in the book.

It took nearly a year to seek medical treatment and spent more than 800,000 yuan, but ultimately failed to save his sons life. His son died in 2013.

Yu Guoyun told Ziniu News that, in fact, when he saw a doctor in Tianjin, he had already told them that there was no hope, but he still did not give up. Doctors said that once a star got the disease and did not cure it, and advised us to give up, but after treatment, his son still lived 44 days longer. Yu said he did not regret the decision to continue treatment.

Debt repayment: a mans face is wide.

To live in the world, we need to be honest

The grief of white hair sending black hair made Yu Guoyun white overnight, but the most anxious thing for the old man was the debt of more than 260,000 yuan from more than 40 families in the countryside, and the debt of more than 380,000 yuan from his daughter and son-in-law to his relatives.

When my son was still alive, I told him to rest assured that in the future, when I go out to work, I must pay off my debts, which will not affect the growth of my granddaughter. In order to fulfill his promise to his son, Yu Guoyun decided to go out to earn money and pay off his debts before he finished his seventh year.

Old people in their sixties have no skills and its not easy to work. Yu Guoyun said that fortunately there was a contractor in his hometown who took him in, so he followed the owner to Zhejiang and changed one site after another for five years.

For five years I dared not go home, and I dared not ask for a day off. When I opened my eyes during the day, I thought about paying my debts. The main job is to do some chores on the construction site during the day, repair tools, and watch the construction site at night. Yu Guoyun introduced that he could earn more than 3000 yuan a month and save all of it for repayment of debts. As for their living expenses, mainly by picking up some waste products to sell money to maintain, the earnings of a penny do not dare to spend indiscriminately.

Yu Guoyuns hair has turned grey

In the days of working outside, Yu Guoyun was deeply touched. On the 30th of 2014, when I was alone in the evening on the construction site in Linan, the leader of the Engineering Department came to see me after knowing my affair, and left me 400 yuan. Yu Guoyun said that it was the happiest year he had ever spent outside.

Similarly, in the New Year, there are also things that make him feel at a loss. During the Spring Festival of 2015, the sites security officers shut down the water and electricity, saying that no one was allowed on the site as required. At that time, I was panicked. I had no place to go and no car to go home for the Spring Festival, Yu Guoyun told Ziniu News. Fortunately, after the police station mediated, the problem was solved and he finally had a place to live.

Over the past five years, Yu Guoyun has not returned home for a reunion year, nor has he added a new dress for himself, saved money, and finally paid back 260,000 yuan of debt.

Some people once advised Yu Guoyun: Your son has not left any legacy, you are so old, many people who lent you money did not actually expect you to return it, why are you so hard? However, Yu Guoyun didnt think so. He said, People have a big face. They must have honesty when they live in the world. Since they borrow money, even if others dont want it, I will pay it back. Otherwise, what else does it mean? People also earn money from part-time work. Its human nature to lend you money.

Village Cadre: The old man is a good man.

Word of mouth has always been good in the village.

Wang Hongxia is a member of the branch committee of Yu Guoyuns village. She married to Taizhuang village 20 years ago. She has a better understanding of Yu Guoyuns situation.

In an interview with Ziniu News, she said that Yu Guoyuns son used to drive a truck outside, and the situation at home was OK, but with illness, the situation at home changed. After spending only hundreds of thousands of savings, they had to borrow money from relatives and friends in order to cure the disease.

Wang Hongxia told Ziniu News that the old mans personality was optimistic and he had a good reputation in the village. The villagers never criticized him. Referring to the living conditions of the elderly, Wang Hongxia said that according to the policy, their family can receive certain subsidies in terms of qualified aspects such as granddaughters schooling, health care and so on.

Although the debt has been paid off, the old man seems reluctant to be idle. Now we have to go to the fields every day to do farm work and spend our time in the fields.

As for the old man who is so old and still goes out to work and pay back his money, everyone says that Yu Guoyun is really not easy. It is very difficult for ordinary people to do this. Many villagers know about Yu Guoyuns going out to work and pay back money, and they all admire him very much. They say that Yu Guoyun is a good man, very honest, and a kind person. Now everyone trusts him very much.

In the eyes of his son-in-law, Mr. Lin, Yu Guoyun is a strong, honest person. Mr. Lin said that neither he nor his wife wanted the old man to be so persistent, but he insisted on paying back all the money he owed. At that time, the economic conditions were relatively good. When you met people who were in financial difficulties in school and medical treatment, Yu Guoyun often helped others and lent money to others without interest. In short, he will never let others suffer.

I regret that I cant make money.

There are more than 100,000 people in the family.

Now, the old man Yu Guoyun has returned to his hometown. He is over seventy years old. Now there is no construction site willing to take him in. His daughter-in-law works as a cleaner in the city, and his granddaughter attends a normal school.

There are hundreds of thousands of debts from close relatives, son-in-law, son-in-law, nephew... They dont want it, and I cant do it. He regretted that a nephew could not pay back tens of thousands of dollars.

Because of their sons illness, both daughters have borrowed a lot of money, and their families are not easy. Yu Guoyun told Ziniu journalists that he had to go down to work every day to support himself and would not bother his daughters any more.

Yu Guoyun works in the field

He also said that although they did not want the money owed to their families, he still wanted to do more work, and if he could save some money in the future, he still wanted to pay back a little. Now he eats three meals a day, almost porridge, and adds some potatoes. I dont care about eating. I just hate my old age and cant continue to work to earn money.

His house was made of brick and tile more than 30 years ago. In 2018, he enjoyed the policy of renovating dangerous houses in the countryside before being repaired.

Ziniu News learned that in March 2019, Yu Guoyun was also named Anqing Good Man for paying off his sons debts. The award was given as follows: Five years of odd jobs in an ancient and rare year, and hundreds of thousands of yuan in debt repaid for the deceased son.

For the future, the old man Yu Guoyun said, Its refreshing to pick up more than 5 mu of land in the family. What kind of land should be planted and what kind of land should be planted? The day has to go ahead.

Source: Liable Editor of Yangtze Evening News: Li Wan_B11284