The instant collapse of the two families of Taiya Epic is due to the comic plot of a female stream?

 The instant collapse of the two families of Taiya Epic is due to the comic plot of a female stream?

From the peak to the bottom of the valley, the pig warrior regiment completes the Jedi counter attack, which is caused by a flower of the regiment in the Legion: Mo Xiaomei rabbit.

Tuanhua used to be undercover, and a regiment was destroyed.

One day, Mo Xiaomei Rabbit suddenly cried in the voice channel, saying that the commander of the army in the server bullied her and sold her 60,000 worth of equipment with 200,000 yuan. She goes to theory, but she is constantly ridiculed by the other side, saying that she does not know how to be deceived or something like that. Whats more annoying is that some people say that she built a womans name to swagger and cheat...

After the war began, all the members of the army of the brave men of the pig fought like chicken blood and were not afraid of the sword in the face of their own strength. They vowed to make justice for the Mo Xiaomei rabbit.

Fighting fiercely, only the brave can win

At the same time, Solo Seck and Bei Luo received information from the head of another regiment and Wang Tiechui of the Qianlong regiment. They thanked him for their attendance for Mo Xiaomei for over a month, and thanked the pig warriors for helping to destroy the powerful sword. Today, the server is the first force in Qianlongs legion. The central city is just around the corner, and it is said that even if 200 people are against the glazed pig warrior regiment 300 people, the light pig warrior regiment will not fight the Qianlong army.

On the one hand, Tuanhua was actually undercover, which caused a great blow to all members. On the other hand, it was also angry at the words of the Qianlong Legion, and the two sides declared war.

In the chain plan, * the pig warrior will get another knife.

After the war began, the Qianlong Legion did not know whether it was because of the shame of the light pig warrior legion, or what purpose it really sent only about 200 people. The anti - pig warrior legion, the more than 300 men came out together, and stood in full force, vowing to recover all the humiliations on the battlefield.

After the first battle between the two sides, the Qianlong Legion was defeated by the number of people and lost a shield badge in an instant.

This is undoubtedly worse. Nearly half of the main members went out, even good brothers who had been born or died many times raised the flag of rebellion. The remaining members and the regiment leader Solosek and Beiluo were silent, and they all felt that the situation was over. Not to mention that the central city was hopeless, whether the regiment could continue to exist under successive attacks, they had to make a question mark.

At this time, the so-called small Zhuge think tank members of the Legion freely swim out of an idea: break the kettle and sink the boat for the last battle, military danger tactics in order to reverse the situation of the Jedi!

The remaining more than 100 men of light pig warrior Corps sent messages to the hidden dragon Corps on the world channel, saying that the leader of the regiment failed to give up their position, and the new leader of the regiment had no idea that the current situation of the regiment was not suitable for continuing to exist. Throughout the situation of the server, only when the army of the sword retired and the light pig warrior regiment fell apart, only the Qianlong regiment was the largest, hoping to open up and compete in the middle of the battle. The central city also gives the brothers in the regiment a taste of the Counts subordinate.

After the Jedi counterattack, a broader stage awaits them

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