Asian Cultural Carnival successfully hosted Lin Junjie and Zhangjie to sing Oriental songs to the world

 Asian Cultural Carnival successfully hosted Lin Junjie and Zhangjie to sing Oriental songs to the world

Eastern sunrise, glorious Asia, this carnival of great cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, a gathering of multi-cultures, shows a brilliant picture of civilization in exchange and mutual learning; inspired by flying, hundred years of competition, this grand civilizational event of multi-national peoples congregation sounds the era horn of the Asian peoples hearts and minds to build a community of Asian destiny and create a new future for Asia.

A single flower does not make spring, while one hundred flowers in full blossom bring spring to the garden. Last nights Birds Nest brought together different nationalities and civilizations. The Asian family showed the beauty of multiculturalism, and the flowers of Asian civilization blossomed brilliantly on the stage.

The symphonic interactive chorus Our Asia opened the carnival in a very creative way. The chorus was not only performed by musicians from many countries, but also by thousands of audiences, who set off a wave of people to interact with each other and perform the shocking scene of Asian simultaneous voice. Beautiful Asia, Close Asia, Hand in Hand, We are a family, Our Asia captures a beautiful picture of Asian landscape, peoples hearts, civilized exchanges and mutual learning. Subsequently, the grand entrance opened. Large cruise floats from Asian countries entered one by one, and applause and cheers rose and fell one after another, making the scene a sea of joy.

Uphold the Chinese ritual, welcome guests from all over the world, and make friends all over the world. The world-renowned quintessence of Peking Opera and Chinese Kungfu is Chinas business card for displaying traditional culture to the world, as well as the hosts warm reception of guests. The inheritance and protection of Chinas excellent traditional culture not only demonstrates Chinas positive contribution to the progress of human civilization, but also conveys our determination to strengthen cultural self-confidence, achieve new achievements in integrity and innovation, and promote mutual learning among civilizations through dialogue and exchanges.

Yuan Huiqin, Du Zhenjie, Shi Yihong, Kang Wansheng and other famous Peking opera artists jointly deduced Shengshi Pear Garden with foreign friends. Classic songs such as Towards the Flower Gun, Dingjun Mountain, Drunken Princess, Beijing Song Rap and Sing Facebook gathered on the stage, with Chinese elegance flying to the world.

In Wushu Mozhiyun, Jackie Chan once again shocked the world with Chinese kungfu. Vigorous momentum, melodious guqin, white ink rhyme, the combination of culture and martial arts, rigidity and softness, dynamic and static appropriate, a good green forest Xiuzhu between the Chinese treasures, Asian style, world wonders! At the end of the program, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful and Together, Great Harmony in the World played a strong voice of the era of building a community of Asian destiny and jointly creating a better future for Asia.

Over the Silk Road, Communication and Mutual Judgment Build Bridges

The Silk Road stretches for thousands of miles. Over the past two thousand years, it has already become a road of civilization. Whether on land or in the sea, it has left footprints of friendly exchanges with each other everywhere.

Hand dance Silk Road Blooming, dancers with neat and coherent collective movements, create endless visual effects, reproduce the ancient Silk Road on the humanistic style. In the graceful gesture and the magnificent auspicious clouds, it seems that we can see the good wishes of the people of all Asian countries holding hands.

The percussion program Encourage the Flying Hundred Years to Compete, artists from Japan, South Korea and Chinese drummers jointly beat the vibrant Asian drum. On the blue silk sea surface, a huge vessel floats and the drummer carries 360 degrees of free rotation to hit the drum surface. This is a scenic spot of a hundred rivers and thousands of sails competing, sailing in the wind and waves.

The silk road connects not only China and Asia, but also Asia and the world. The initiative of one belt and one road is a dialogue between China and the rest of the world. The Carnival not only invites Asian countries to participate in the performance, but also invites artists from other countries and regions to get together with Taiwan to look forward to the bright future of exchanges, mutual learning, prosperity and development of civilizations between Asia and the world. Italian singer Andre Bocelli gave an affectionate interpretation of Nobody Sleeps Tonight with a loud voice and boundless applause. Nobody Sleeps Tonight is an excerpt from the famous opera Turandot written by Italian composer Puccini by drawing lessons from Oriental legends and the Chinese national song Jasmine Flower. It vividly interprets the meaning of civilizations are colorful because of communication, and civilizations are rich because of mutual learning.

Young singers such as Lin Junjie (Singapore), Zhang Jie (China), Zheng Zhifu (Korea), Dus Qinghua (Vietnam) and Eden Holland (Israel) sang together The Boundary of Wind and Flowers. We live next to each other on the boundary of wind and flowers. The love of sunshine, let each other cherish early. Songs will be Asian countries from generation to generation of friendship stories, sing the East, sing the world.

Chen Weiting (Hong Kong, China), Zhang Yixing and Youth Asian Group jointly deduced the large fashion youth song and dance Youth Asia, which sang Youth gesture, to explore the future. Off-court performance matrix, wearing fluorescent cell phone clothes with rhythm, dancing together the YOUNGASIA pattern and the rhythm of youth Asia. New Asia, a new era, dancing youth, singing the future.

In the song Glorious Asia, Sun Nan and Wang Lihong sing and dance with young people from all Asian countries who share the same dream to brighten the future with their youth light.