Express: index growth narrowed, up nearly 0.5percent industrial hemp plate pulled up

 Express: index growth narrowed, up nearly 0.5percent industrial hemp plate pulled up

Peripheral: U.S. stocks closed lower for two consecutive days, led by technology and financial stocks. To close: U.S. stocks closed down slightly, with the Dow down 0.17% to 26004.83; the Nasdaq down 0.38% to 7792.72; and the S& P 500 down 0.20% to 2879.84. Technology and financial stocks led the decline, with Apple down 0.32%, Amazon down 0.45%, Netflix down 1.63%, Google down 0.18%, Facebook down 1.72%, Microsoft down 0.46%; Goldman Sachs down 2.32%, Morgan Stanley down 2.4%, Wells Fargo down 2.94%.

News: 1. National Regular Sessions: Actively promote the signing of high-standard free trade agreements and regional trade agreements with more countries, and study and expand the comprehensive pilot area of cross-border e-commerce. 2. The 11th Lujiazui Forum was held in Shanghai from June 13 to 14. Leaders of the State Council will give keynote speeches. 3. Relevant officials of Hainan Agricultural and Rural Department denied that they had issued the announcement Successfully developed an injection for the prevention of African swine fever virus. 4. Shanghai: Strive to build a global competitive capital in three to five years. 5. The National Video and Telephone Conference on Fighting Infringement and Counterfeiting calls for greater protection of intellectual property rights. 6. In May 2019, the number of live pigs in our country decreased by 4.2%, 22.9% compared with the same period last year. 7. Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong: We should work out the overall plan of the Yangtze River Delta Eco-Green Integration Development Demonstration Zone and the construction plan of the new area of China Free Trade Experimental Zone. 8. According to the data released by China Clearing House, 11.526 million new investors were added in May, an increase of 4.49% over the previous year, and a decline of 24.72% annually.

Shenguang Finance and Economics said that this morning, the Shanghai Index bottomed out and recovered at 2900. The concept of E-sports rose strongly, leading the two markets, Shengtian Network and other four stocks, the concept of hydrogen energy rose rapidly, HanCable shares and other four stocks rose and stopped near noon, the automobile sector rose strongly, Asiang bus led the rise, the securities sector showed a stronger performance, Huaxin Securities led the rise, agricultural planting concept was big. Shares of chips, 5G, consumer electronics and other technology stocks fell sharply, leading the decline, while white horse stocks such as superbrands, household appliances and liquor fell slightly. From the face of the market performance, the stock market is currently in a low volatility consolidation, the decline space is limited, so we need not worry too much, the short-term may come out of a rebound at any time, so you can choose high-quality stocks to buy at a low price, but to control the position, patiently hold stocks to rise.

Jufeng investor Gu believes that foreign capital is becoming the dominant factor in the June rebound: northbound capital outflow in May, which began to flow back more than 26 billion yuan in seven consecutive trading days in June. On Wednesday, the market shook narrowly, with funds shifting to hot sectors such as rare earth permanent magnets and agriculture. Gold stocks were also sought after by hedge funds, while two-thirds of the market fell. If the market can not produce new leading varieties, the rebound may come to an end at any time. On Thursday, the Lujiazui Forum on the creation of a new board announced, securities dealers, online games, ST concepts, hydrogen energy and other performance. Operationally, investors are advised to avoid the subject stocks with excessive short-term gains, focusing on the leading indicators such as securities firms and sub-new stocks.

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