Huiyi, founder of BitYi, was killed by a suspected 100-fold leverage explosion

 Huiyi, founder of BitYi, was killed by a suspected 100-fold leverage explosion

According to public data, Huiyi is the founder of Flower and Fruit Finance and Bityi, and has served as a senior researcher at IBM China Research Center. Huiyi founded Beijing Tuotuo Technology Co., Ltd. as chairman in 2008, Shenxian Rich Co., Ltd. as CEO in 2015, and Bieyi Co., Ltd. in 2017.

Last year, BitYi launched several Bitcoin contracts. It is reported that the BTC fund of Huiyis exploded warehouse came from customers.

In April 2018, Bite Yi, a digital money market analysis platform, announced that it would recently acquire the A-round strategic investment of Softbank China Capital and Lanchi Venture Capital. According to Huiyi at that time, it was the first block chain project of Softbank China Investment Corporation.

However, Softbank responded that Bite Yi was not a soft bank invested in China. Bite Yi is a planned investment project that Softbank China contacted last year, but as early as the end of last year, Softbank China has finally abandoned its investment plan and has not actually made this investment.

In an interview with Hexun. com in 2018, Huiyi said that the encrypted money market is developing very fast now, with a total market value of $700 billion and a daily trading peak of $50 billion. Global investors have exceeded 50 million, which is equivalent to rebuilding an A-share market. In the encrypted money market, young investors are in the majority and market speculation is heavy. The big problem now is that the speculation in this market is very heavy. It is more like a casino. Therefore, for a market with more speculative attributes, how can we help and protect the players in the middle to reduce risks and make investors more rational is the problem we need to solve at present. What BitEasy has to do is become a comeback in encrypted money markets.

Source: Yang Bin_NF4368, Editor-in-Charge of Tiger Sniffing Network