Putian Footwear Imitation Survey: Cost of 100 Yuan, Monthly Earnings Nearly Million

 Putian Footwear Imitation Survey: Cost of 100 Yuan, Monthly Earnings Nearly Million

A reporter from the Beijing News recently went to Putian to investigate the sneaker ghost market. In this mysterious ghost city, a gray chain of high imitation sneakers hides in it. Anfu E-commerce City connects online and offline. On the one hand, physical shopkeepers and microbusinessmen find popular high imitations of sneakers from here; on the other hand, a large number of high imitation shoe workshops hiding behind the stalls also carry out more in-depth cooperative business through hacker salesmen, businessmen and big buyers.

On May 15, Gan Lin, deputy director of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, said that infringement and counterfeiting caused harm to the economy, society, culture, ecology and other aspects. The Chinese governments position on cracking down on infringement and counterfeiting was clear and firm. Next, we will strengthen overall planning, promote the protection of intellectual property rights and continue to strengthen the fight against infringement and counterfeiting in accordance with the principles of governing by law, combining construction with construction, coordinating cooperation and social co-governance. Continuously carry out cross-sectoral, cross-sectoral, cross-regional joint crackdown on counterfeiting, increase the source of counterfeiting, repeated infringement, malicious infringement investigation and punishment.

Visiting Ghost City of sneakers: No new visitors

At 1:00 a.m. on May 23, taxis drove slowly at the congested intersection of Anfu E-commerce City. Dozens of motorcycles with brand shoe boxes and pedestrians carrying black plastic bags rushed past, and young people gathered by the roadside in twos and threes, waiting for the arrival of the shippers.

Taxi driver Alin said that he had been beaten severely a few days ago, otherwise there would be more vehicles and the roads hundreds of meters would have to drive for at least half an hour.

In fact, a reporter from the Beijing News came here in the morning and saw that almost all the shops on the street were locked, and occasionally one or two pedestrians passed on the road.

Dont come to me during the day. Contact me after 8 p.m. A day ago, when a reporter contacted a local stall owner as a wholesaler, he was impatient.

In recent years, sneaker culture has become popular in China, and once popular toys have become one of the current fashion cultures. Influenced by the popularity of players, many fashion shoes have been speculated to the highest price in the market. According to media reports, a fashion sneaker selling for less than 2,000 yuan has soared to more than 10,000 yuan in one week, while a well-known brand of cooperative sneakers has been speculated from 800 yuan to 8000 yuan in the market.

The high price makes many ordinary players sigh at their shoes. Some people looked at Putian.

There is a saying circulating in the circle that 8 of the 10 imitation shoes in China are shipped from Putian. On May 20, Zhao Bing, a senior player of sneakers, told reporters that Putians largest imitation shoe market is the Anfu E-commerce City located in Chengxiang District.

Unique trading habits make Anfu E-commerce City known as the ghost market by the outside world. During the day, there is almost no one in the mall. Late at night, there is a lot of people and cars.

Unlike the cool day, the mall can only accommodate two cars on both sides of the street at this time, and the shops with all kinds of trendy sneakers have brilliant lights. On the rolling LED screen, the words all over the sky and terracotta warriors and horses are strikingly printed. The clerks busily receive customers in the shops.

In one of the stores, reporters found that these sport shoes on the window, although the style and color are almost the same as the authentic sneakers, but there is no sign on the shoes. This is produced by our own factory, and the quality is definitely not inferior to other brands. Shopkeepers are selling shoes enthusiastically. However, when the reporter asked if there was a higher version of the shoes, the shopkeeper looked at the reporter warily for a few eyes and shook his head hesitantly. We only make the official version, nothing else.

In ghost markets, shopkeepers and buyers are well aware that the so-called higher version refers to imitation shoes printed with brand LOGO. The official edition is compared with the imitation of authentic sneakers, but there is no sign. This reduces the risk of counterfeiting.

Ive only been checked once recently. After being rejected by many shopkeepers, the reporter finally took out a pair of explosive shoes with LOGO from the inside of the shop after repeatedly asking the reporter what way he (pseudonym) would buy and sell the shoes and whether he knew anything about them.

Its impossible to put too much in the store. Lao He said, Otherwise, the industry and Commerce Bureau will be finished once it checks.

He explained, Nowadays, apart from acquaintances and old visitors, new visitors with strange faces are hardly welcome. Lao He said that his family had better versions of shoes, but they are not in the store now. When the reporter asked if he could see the goods, he immediately refused, Who dares to put those shoes in the shop now? Only add Wechat to see the pictures, and then make a payment to deliver the goods.

Reporters immediately asked to buy a pair to check the quality, to determine whether additional purchases, Lao He turned around and made a phone call behind the counter, a few minutes later said, Follow me, go to another place to see the goods.

Studio hides all kinds of high imitation shoes and provides certificate of appraisal

Its not easy to find Hos offline store.

At 2:00 a.m., the reporter followed Lao He around several gate cards and came to a dilapidated community near Anfu E-commerce City.

Lao He introduced that there are many studios hidden here, including him. But its not easy to get in without someone to lead. You need to send a notice in advance, and you need to have an acquaintance to lead you to confirm your identity.

In this small house with an area of less than 60 square meters, there are many brands of trendy shoes. At present, the hottest famous brand of high imitation shoes, all kinds of styles and models should also be available.

Several guests with different accents in the room were sifting through their favorite items, while one or two shop assistants sat at a side desk drinking tea and recommending sneakers to the guests from time to time.

Lao He introduced that every sneaker has different grades and prices. In order to prove that the statement is true, he handed over two pairs of shoes with the same appearance. They are all imitations of the Star Series, you feel the gap below.

Under the guidance of Lao He, the reporter clearly judged that one shoe was better than the other in details such as sole, alignment and so on. In fact, the upper of sneakers is almost the same, the main difference is in the sole materials. The sole is BOOST, just like the genuine one. The sole is too hard. Its to fool laymen into thinking that its a sham for senior people.

Reporters learned that the actual price of these two shoes is not much different. This genuine product has been stir-fried to 56,000 yuan of sneakers, the general imitation price is 150 yuan, and a good quality price is 280 yuan.

If you do business, 150 yuan is enough. Its more profitable. Lao He said that there are about hundreds of people who work with him, basically choosing lower-priced sneakers. Why did the reporter calculate the account: imitation shoes usually sell at 3400 yuan, if it is 150 yuan, the profit can reach around 250 yuan, and if it is another kind of sneakers with a price of 280 yuan, the profit is only more than 100 yuan.

Reporters to help friends buy shoes as a reason, the high version of the shoes all parts of the details of the photograph, and sent pictures to the footwear of the veteran player Zhao Bing has a lot of research to help identify. Ten minutes later, Zhao Bing responded, Except for the defective marking of the shoes and the defective BOOST, there is no problem with the other shoe shapes and wiring.

If necessary, we can also provide you with shoe boxes, packaging bags and 4 sets of poisoned, GET identification APP anti-theft buckles and other supporting gadgets. Introduction by Lao He.

A set of items such as poisonous APP certificate, burglar-proof button and packaging box with poisonous APP logo only costs a few yuan, but it is enough to scare most buyers.

According to reports, in the neighborhood of Putian Anfu E-commerce City, there are dozens of such high imitation footwear outlets. Every day, countless hackers gather around the Electronics Mall from all over the micro-businesses, Taobao sellers and physical stores, and take them one by one to the nest for trading.

Every time a guest goes to a studio, regardless of whether the other party buys shoes or not, he will be rewarded with 5 yuan. A solicitor said, Usually we take our guests to four or five stores. If we bring a few more guests in one night, we can earn one or two hundred yuan.

In the early morning of May 23, when the reporter left Laohe Studio, he found that almost every floor had cartons full of imitation shoes, and young men in a hurry entered the elevator. As soon as they left the neighborhood, they quickly stepped onto the motorcycle which had been parked beside them and left behind.

Its all delivered to customers. Lao He said.

Recruitment offline, agent, large distributors can earn up to millions of dollars a month

On May 24, the mobile phone of Lin Ming (alias) was shaking constantly, and the orders and payment were sent by the local people. As he arranged for delivery, he said, Almost every day, seventy or eighty pairs of shoes or more can be sent out. If high-end goods go well, they can make nearly a million dollars a month.

Lin Ming has been in the sneaker business for five years since 2014. There are not many people in China who are willing to pay two or three thousand yuan to buy shoes. The imitation shoes are similar to the genuine ones both in the whole and in the details, but the price is only one fifth. It is easy to win more players who are shy in their pockets.

The first barrel of gold that Lin Ming earned was a trendy shoe launched at the end of 2015.

At that time, it was too hot, the domestic market has been in the situation of out-of-stock, 1000 yuan of shoes were fired to 34,000 yuan. Zhao Bing recalled. During that period, almost all the domestic footwear merchants crazily linked to the franchise stores, purchasers, scalpers and other channels, as long as there is this kind of shoes, regardless of quantity, size, swept away.

A shoe in the genuine market is hard to find, but Lin Ming earned a lot by imitating it.

In February 2016, Lin Ming purchased 100 pairs of absolutely no problem imitation shoes at the purchase price of 120 yuan per pair after exchanges and screening with many Putian imitation shoe vendors, and quickly sold them through stickers, Wechat, QQ groups and other channels at a price of 400 yuan. In just a few days, 100 pairs of shoes were sold out.

Now in retrospect, that shoe is in fact rotten imitation, but can not resist the pursuit of players. Lin Ming roughly calculated the accounts, and the business earned nearly 30,000 yuan. As a result, Lin Ming began to commute frequently to Putian, almost every night in the electronics mall, in order to get to know more shoemakers and factory workshops.

We have to get the source of contacts, not to mention the first-hand source of goods. Lin Ming said, The price of imitation shoes is not high, if the supply of goods is also increased layer by layer, there is basically no profit. Today, Lin Ming has dozens of Shangjia from Putian, supplying him with different brands of shoes, including imitation shoes workshop.

As soon as Lin Ming, who holds the upstream source of goods, changed the way he previously touted sales, he recruited thirty or forty offline people. In order to alleviate the pressure of offline, Lin Ming confiscated any deposit from the other party, and did not have to pay for the goods, but a more direct proxy mode.

The so-called proxy mode is that Lin Ming is responsible for sending new pictures, sizes and text descriptions of fashionable shoes to the offline line every day, and then promoting and publicizing them on Wechat Groups and Friends Circles after the price increase on the offline line. After successful receipt of orders, Lin Ming will be notified of the unified shipment.

Now a pair of ordinary versions of imitations, the price is basically more than 100 yuan. And I often offer the price of 130 yuan to the offline, and they decide how much to sell themselves. Lin Ming said that as long as the money is collected off the line and the payment is sent to him, then the delivery is arranged directly to the guests.

Reporters learned that this model has now become the most commonly used model of Putian shoe merchants. In order to get more customers, offline will also find offline. This industry is like a pyramid, the more offline means the more customers, the faster the goods go, the more profits. Lin Ming said.

The cost of high imitation shoes is 100 yuan, which is called overpoisoning but a fake.

On May 25, under the recommendation of Lin Ming, the reporter contacted Zhang Dan (a pseudonym) who specializes in wholesale sneakers in the teahouse near Anfu E-commerce City. When he learned that reporters planned to do footwear business, Zhang Dan said, Youre right to find me.

Zhang Dan, who grew up in the suburbs of Putian, began to work in the production of sneakers as early as 10 years ago. Under the influence of his elders, Zhang Dan also began to contact the footwear business.

In order to imitate the shoes exactly, Zhang Dan once spent more than 100,000 yuan to buy back hundreds of pairs of authentic sneakers. Basically theres a hot sneaker on the market, and Ill buy two pairs back. Zhang Dan said that a pair of sneakers is used to take apart once, carefully study the soles, fabrics, linings and other accessories, and then look around for the same material for 1:1 imitation. When the imitation shoes are shaped, they are compared repeatedly with another pair of genuine shoes until they are not visible to the naked eye.

In the past, market regulation was not particularly strict. It took a large amount of money and could be made of any kind of shoes. Zhang Dan said that as the regulation became more stringent, he himself became cautious. Now a pair of ordinary imitation shoes production cost less than 100 yuan, wholesale to the next profit space is also 20 yuan. But if you get caught, its much more than a fine. Its too risky.

Zhang Dan said that in order to avoid risks, nowadays Putian shoe imitation workshop mostly uses the way of division of labor and cooperation. Some workshops make upper and some workshops make sole. Finally, these parts are assembled into a complete pair of shoes. Other factories only make one or two shoes, dare not do anything.

When the reporter consulted Zhang Dan on how to make more profits, Zhang Dan suggested that in order to cater to the market, the shoes could be marked as company level, over-poisoned version, general merchandise and other different levels when selling sneakers.

The so-called toxic version is able to pass the identification of toxic, get and other domestic professional sports equipment forums. Usually these shoes and real shoes are almost identical. The company edition is slightly lower than the toxic edition, but the work is still more professional. The most common popular version, in the workmanship, details are very general, even do not rule out the situation of rough manufacturing.

Different grades and prices naturally vary. The reporter consulted a circle of friends who are dealing in footwear business and found that, taking a joint-name terracotta warriors and horses footwear with an original price of nearly 3,000 yuan as an example, the price of the poisoned version labeled by the merchant is as high as 1,200 yuan, the price of the company version is 600 yuan, while the general merchandise only needs more than 300 yuan.

In fact, these versions are just gimmicks for the profit of vendors. Zhang Dan said frankly, Workshop on two shoes, well done and poorly done.

According to another portfolio owner, shoemakers can get a general idea of whether the other side knows the shoe professionally when communicating with buyers. If you encounter a novice, you will probably take advantage of the mentality that the other party does not know how to do, but wants to buy imitation shoes similar to the genuine products, suggesting that the other party has bought the poisonous version, but whether it is the company version or the general version, no one can tell.

At that time, the shoes sent by the other side did not seem to be a problem, but they were called a fake by a friend who knows how to do it. On May 25, a netizen who used to work at a shoe-imitation vendor said. Previously, he bought a pair of trendy sneakers with the price of 1300 yuan, which is known as absolutely poisonous detection. However, after being pointed out by a friend who knows how to do it, he found that there were obvious differences between the shoes and the genuine ones in the details of the tongue, printing and the genuine version. After communicating with the other party, the other side promised to exchange goods on the grounds of the factory sent the wrong goods. Almost deceived. This shoe is definitely not up to the standard of the poisonous version, or even a normal version.

Strictly crack down on infringement and counterfeiting

On May 15, the State New Office held a press conference on Chinas New Progress Report on Intellectual Property Protection and Business Environment (2018). Gan Lin, deputy director of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, said that infringement and counterfeiting caused harm to economy, society, culture and ecology. The Chinese governments position on cracking down on infringement and counterfeiting was clear and firm.

Ganlin introduced that in the protection of intellectual property rights, we should constantly improve the legal system of intellectual property rights, strengthen administrative law enforcement and judicial protection, promote regional cooperation among departments and deepen international cooperation. The legal system has been improved and a series of laws and regulations, such as the Electronic Commerce Law and the Patent Agency Regulations, have been revised. Administrative law enforcement was more stringent. In 2018, 215,000 cases of infringement and counterfeiting were investigated and dealt with by national administrative law enforcement departments. Among them, 77,000 cases of patent infringement and counterfeiting, 31,000 cases of trademark infringement and more than 2,500 cases of infringement and piracy were investigated and dealt with. Customs seized 47,200 batches of inbound and outbound infringement goods and 24.8 million cases. Judicial protection is more powerful. Public security organs have cracked nearly 19,000 cases of infringement and counterfeiting, procuratorial organs have approved and arrested 3306 and 5627 cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, and the courts have concluded nearly 320,000 cases of various types of intellectual property rights, up 41.6% from the same period last year. Infringement and counterfeit goods are destroyed according to law, and about 3500 tons of infringement and counterfeit goods are destroyed harmlessly throughout the country. International cooperation is closer, and the Joint Declaration on the practical cooperation on intellectual property rights in the country along the road has been adopted, and the cooperation action plan (2018-2020) of China EU Customs Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has been signed.

Next step, we will focus on the following tasks, Gan Lin said, including strengthening overall planning, in accordance with the principles of governing by law, combining construction with construction, coordinating cooperation and social co-governance, to further promote intellectual property protection, and continue to strengthen the fight against infringement and counterfeiting. Punishment should be strengthened, problem orientation should be adhered to, and governance in key areas, commodities and markets should be strengthened. Continuously carry out cross-sectoral, cross-sectoral, cross-regional joint crackdown on counterfeiting, increase the source of counterfeiting, repeated infringement, malicious infringement investigation and punishment.

Lawyer: Making and selling fake will face severe punishment

Putian City has carried out many special actions to rectify the shoe and clothing industry market.

In 2017, Putian Municipal Government put forward several measures to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the shoe industry, and severely crack down on illegal acts such as infringement, manufacture and sale of counterfeits.

According to an article published in September 2018, Putian Bureau of Industry and Commerce severely cracked down on counterfeit shoes and counterfeit sea purchases. This year, 370 cases of shoe trademark infringement were investigated and punished, with a fine of 14.93 million yuan and 1,811 pairs of counterfeit finished shoes seized. The number of cases and fines ranked first in the province and municipalities.

On January 31, 2019, Putian Municipal Market Supervision and Administration held a special meeting on key issues related to shoe and apparel industry. It was mentioned that we should crack down on counterfeit and inferior goods in the circulation field and intensify the crackdown on counterfeit and inferior goods in the production sector.

In February 2019, Putian Municipal Market Supervision and Administration issued a circular on the work programme of the special rectification action for the infringement of trademark infringement of shoes and clothing in 2019, focusing on cracking down on infringement and counterfeiting of various types of shoes and clothing market, focusing on investigating infringement of well-known trademarks, well-known foreign brands and trademark printing enterprises.

In March 2019, Licheng District Bureau of Industry and Commerce launched a special campaign to rectify the shoe and apparel industry market. Focus on rectifying the address of the production and sale of counterfeit shoes and clothing, which has been repeatedly reported by the people in the disaster-stricken areas such as the surrounding areas of public security and welfare. In particular, at least two on-the-spot checks have been carried out on the production plants and sales outlets suspected of trademark infringement.

It is illegal to produce shoes with unauthorized trademarks or shoes similar to otherstrademarks, Fu Jian, a lawyer from Henan Yulong Law Firm, explained to reporters on June 5, suspected of crimes of producing and selling fake and inferior products and crimes of counterfeiting registered trademarks, selling fake registered trademarks and illegally manufacturing and selling registered trademark marks.

Reporters learned that Putian imitation shoe workshop is in the absence of brand authorization, license, copying and selling goods protected by intellectual property rights.

According to Article 213 of the Criminal Law, if the use of a trademark identical to its registered trademark on the same commodity is not permitted by the owner of the registered trademark, if the circumstances are serious, the offender shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention, and shall also or shall only be fined; if the circumstances are especially serious, the offender shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years, and shall also be fin According to the provisions of Article 214, selling goods that are known to be counterfeit registered trademarks shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention with or without a fine; if the sales amount is huge, it shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years and shall also be fined. Fu Jian said, This means that both the production of imitation shoes and the sale of imitation shoes are suspected of violating the law.

In addition, the reporter found that many portfolio bosses in Anfu e-commerce city have introduced that the public shoes they sell are not illegal, and even many people claim that even if the industrial and commercial departments come to check it, there is no problem.

In response, Fu Jian said, To produce high imitation products without trademarks, if other manufacturers apply for appearance patents and produce the same kind of shoes without permission, it will infringe on the other sides appearance patent rights. No icon only does not infringe other peoples trademark rights, appearance may also cause infringement.

Source: Author of New Beijing News: Tang Che Intern Cao Wen Xie Bilu, responsible editor: Wang Xiaowu_NF