Trump Design Rookie: The New Air Force One

 Trump Design Rookie: The New Air Force One

Less than a year ago, the Trump administration announced that it would spend $3.9 billion to build two new presidential planes, Air Force One.

For the two most famous planes in the United States, Trump not only claimed that he had succeeded in bargaining billions of dollars, but also wanted to show art cells and design new coatings for the fuselage.

Yesterday (12), he made the latest Air Force One design for ABCs debut at the White House: Sure enough, the original iconic sky-blue and white paints were replaced by patriotic red, white and blue.

ABC Video Screenshots

Trump took out a sample and flaunted George Stephanopoulos, ABCs chief news anchor, George, look at this. This is your new Air Force One.

We have several different choices. Look here, Trump said, pointing to the hesaid he designed himself. These are slightly different.

ABC Video Screenshots

In fact, Air Force One refers to any aircraft carrying the President of the United States, but the most common is two Boeing 747-200B series aircraft.

According to the White House, the current fleet has undergone several modifications, including a presidential suite, a medical operating room and a kitchen that can feed 100 people at a time.

However, the new Air Force One will be based on the modification of Boeing 747-8, which, according to Trump, is still 747, but much larger and has a wider wingspan.

Although Trump was willing to share preliminary sketches, he was still tight-lipped about some details, the report said.

There are several secrets, Trump quipped. You know, there are several secrets I dont think we should talk about.

Stefanopoulos then asked, Everyone wants to know if theres an escape capsule [on the new special plane]? Like in the movie, the kind that pops up from the tail of Air Force One?

Trump laughed and denied it.

Current Air Force One

Before taking office, Trump criticized the U.S. governments contract with Boeing to update Air Force One, saying the cost was out of control. The White House said last year that the amount in the new contract was $1.3 billion lower than the original proposal.

This time, Trump also said that the actual cut down price was $1.6 billion.

The report points out that Trumps plan may be blocked in Congress, despite his new patriotic vision of executive driving.

On the day he showed off the new paint on Air Force One, members of the House Military Committee voted to limit spending on the refurbishment program.

The president will have the opportunity to make some suggestions and changes to the plane, said Joe Courtney, a Connecticut congressman. However, he also pointed out that additional paint will increase the weight of the aircraft, and additional fixtures will increase the cost of the aircraft and delay delivery.

It is certain that Trump will not be able to use the new Air Force One, whether or not he can achieve his plan, because the new fleet will not be ready for service until 2024.

I did it for other presidents, not for myself. Trump said.

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