Qin Lan said that people who are good-looking in the camera are thin to ghosts?

 Qin Lan said that people who are good-looking in the camera are thin to ghosts?

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The emergence of frozen age goddess surprised the public, but also began to focus on the reasons for their emergence, in addition to their own well-maintained, there are also reasons for market demand. After all, the domestic harsh aesthetic requirements you can not appear folds even if you are nearly 40 years old, middle-aged actresses are limited to always maintain the girl sense. Do you experience the maturity of years precipitation? Is charm not a kind of beauty? Qin Lan also expressed this confusion in his interview.

As well as good-looking stars, life has been thin to ghost-like, it looks unhealthy, and life looks beautiful and thin people, after the mirror on the fat circle.

In order to present the best effect in front of the camera and excessive weight loss has been a common old news, the first one is Zheng Shuang, who was teared by his fathers training without eating. If the audience likes (thin), I have nothing to do. At the thought of Zheng Shuang, the first key word appeared to be thin, but even so, she was worried that people didnt like her because of her size.

In addition to body shape, facial maintenance is indispensable in order to resist super-clear lens. Whether for the sake of good looks or for the right audiences ideas, actresses will do a good job in skin care. Qin Lan also confesses that she will use medical beauty, such as laser, to repair skin. This is only a normal means, just like basic skin care every day, in fact, it is not too demonized. These means.

Actually, middle-aged actresses can deduce real emotions better because of their rich life experience, but unfortunately, the domestic film and television market is still aiming at womens girl feeling, and it is no wonder that the front netizensbrainhole version of Ladys Character will arouse great interest. On the contrary, overseas, like Meryl Streep, Qin Lans example, was 63 years old when she won the best actress Oscar again. Until now, she is still active on various screens. The wrinkles and slackness on her face are her stories, and we will not deny her shining personality charm because of her old appearance.

As Qin Lan hoped, one day, whether in China or abroad, they would be more inclusive to accept aesthetic diversity. Womens charm is not only youthful and sweet, but also attractive in different age groups. Whether they are frozen-age goddess or naturally aging faces, they deserve to be loved and respected.

Love oneself is more important

These investments are essential

Good skin makes you more confident

It is undeniable that appearance is the most intuitive impression we give people, not to mention pleasing others, just looking at ourselves in the mirror, clean and beautiful, will unconsciously improve the mood, let alone enhance self-confidence. Skin as the foundation of makeup is worth our good care.

In addition to the basic water emulsion, we can also select the essence of different functions according to the change of skin condition, so that the skin is stable even during the season change.

Jianghu Little Palm Bottle is famous because it is really good to use! Using Estee Lauders patented core repair technology, Chronolux CB?, it has super repair power directly to the bottom of the muscles, and can stabilize the state of the skin and restore its tender texture.

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The essence of the emulsion is also excellent in its ductility. It is easy to absorb and does not cause burdens on the skin. The Ganoderma lucidum can strengthen the muscular base on the basis of repairing the skin. It also has obvious anti-inflammatory effect after use, and the taste is very good!

Origins Yuet wood is the source of Ganoderma lucidum.


The essence of the texture is very clear. It also infuses the soul of the brand, the magic essence MiracleBroth, with the unique lime tea essence, which helps the skin to establish a mini ecological environment that balances the water and balance, so that the skin can restore the good state of full elasticity.

The Mystery of LaMer Sea Blue

Revitalizing moisturizing essence


There is also a facial mask, whether it is first-aid or daily care is very good use of the artifact, dry can use replenishment, sensitive can use repair money, cuticle thickness can also use clean money, one thousand people have one thousand choices! Conditional fairies can also go to beauty parlors to do regular skin care, to a deep repair and maintenance.

This kind of repair mask can give the skin excellent and compact experience. The texture is velvety and smooth. It will make people love the touch of the mask. The black tea ferment in the formula is an excellent ingredient to help the skin resist the external pollution. After using it, the skin will feel smooth and glossy.

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Black tea time mask


Mask rich in deep sea biological extract, specially added allantoin can directly act on keratin, promote the hydration ability of the stratum corneum, enhance the ability of water locking, and obviously feel the skin become very moist after use.

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Exercise is not just about body building

If you want to build your body, you will think of sports, especially after losing weight, sweating like a medal of your own efforts. But the function of exercise is not only to lose weight, it can also reduce stress! Bajie especially likes the pleasure after exercise. She feels that her body is lighter and her brain is clearer. It seems that the troubles that were entangled before are not very difficult.

This is because during exercise our brains secrete dopamine and endorphins, both hormones that relieve our stress and bad moods and make us feel happy and relaxed.

Whats more, exercise can keep our body healthy and vigorous. Everyone is tired of the saying, The body is the capital of revolution. In addition, exercise can help us speed up metabolism, and the state of skin will also be better.

Theres nothing wrong with the happy day mentality.

Optimistic mentality can also enable us to face life positively, such as Qin Lans calmness and calmness in the face of the problem of age growth, which also makes her more calm and gentle temperament.

In the final analysis, we should love ourselves, even if you know that you are not a perfect person will not feel inferior and sad, I accept all of me, including my flaws, I will not lose self-confidence because of other peoples evaluation, on the contrary, to firmly believe that you are super der!

Enjoy your growing age! Thats evidence of your love for life!

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