Evening News | Huawei asked US operators to pay patent fees to pass on Alis application for listing in Hong Kong

 Evening News | Huawei asked US operators to pay patent fees to pass on Alis application for listing in Hong Kong

A person familiar with the situation said Wednesday that Huawei Technologies had told Verizon, the largest U.S. mobile operator, that the U.S. telecom operator had to pay patent licensing fees for using Huaweis more than 230 patents. Huawei asked Verizon to pay a total patent royalty of more than $1 billion. [Link to the original

Ali was exposed to have filed an application for listing in Hong Kong privately. Response: No comment.

According to people familiar with the matter, Alibaba Group has submitted its application for listing in Hong Kong privately, which is a step closer to the realization of the dream of Hong Kongs largest share issuance since 2010. As to whether Alibaba has submitted an application for listing, the HKEx responded without comment. Alibaba also responded that it would not comment on market rumors. [Link to the original

Guo Mingpi: Huawei Hongmeng mobile phone or October listing concentrated low-end market

According to a report by Guo Mingpi, an analyst at Tianfeng International, Huawei may start shipping Hongmeng mobile phones with its own operating system in October this year. It is expected that Hongmeng mobile phones will initially fail to meet the application ecological needs of high-end users in the non-Chinese market, so it will locate the low-end market as the main market. [Link to the original

Sun Hongbin also shouted Le Sing to pay back the money, and asked for 3.2 billion yuan in repayment.

On the evening of June 12, Le Video announced that it had received arbitration from Rongchuang and Tianjin Jiarui, requiring the company to immediately pay 1.29 billion yuan in loan principal, 1.914 billion yuan in interest loss and liquidated damages, totalling more than 3.2 billion yuan. [Link to the original

The English name of Scrap Board is STARMarket. LOGO implies the red arrow.

Reporters found that on the official website of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Kechuangzi website (http://www.sse.com.cn/star/) came online quietly. The logo on the left side of Kechuangzi was mainly blue and red, and the right side was written with the Chinese and English characters of STARMARKET Kechuangzi. Among them, the two letters A were red and designed as an upward arrow, while the rest were blue. [Link to the original

Do you need to get rid of mobile phone dependence to buy back millet four times in 8 days?

On June 10, millet announced a further repurchase of 5.247 million B shares. Since June 3 this year, millet has made four stock repurchases at a cost of about 450 million Hong Kong dollars. With the investment of real gold and silver, millets stock finally recovered from HK$8.91 at the bottom of the valley to over HK$9. [Link to the original

Life and Death Electronic Cigarettes: The Countdown of National Standards and the End of Barbaric Growth

Recently, the National Standardization Administration Committee said that the compulsory national standard of Electronic Tobacco is being drafted, the relevant technical indicators and contents are still under study, and the time for approval and release has not been decided. According to the official website of the National Standardization Management Committee, the national standard formulation plan for electronic cigarettes issued in October 2017 has entered the stage of approval in progress, and will be approved and issued by the National Standards Committee within 24 and 12 months. [Link to the original

Xu Jiayin investigates SK Groups cooperation in new energy vehicles and other fields

On June 12, local time, at the invitation of Cui Taiyuan, chairman of SK Group, President of Hengda Group, Xu Jiayin and his delegation visited SK Group. The two sides had in-depth exchanges and would cooperate in new energy vehicles, power batteries and other fields. [Link to the original

SpaceX launches Falcon 9 second-hand rocket for the sixth time this year and recycles it again

The Verge reports that this morning, Space X, the US space exploration technology company, launched its sixth Falcon 9 rocket mission in Southern California in 2019, putting three Canadian satellites into orbit. After launch, Space successfully landed the rocket propeller on the landing pad near the launch site. [Link to the original