What should be done after the confession has been rejected?

 What should be done after the confession has been rejected?

Congratulations on your release of the power of the floods in your heart. What a step you think you are so far away is actually your last step.

Although the end is a river of sorrow, you have this chance somehow. If you dont confess, Im afraid theres no reason to cry.

After the confession was rejected, I finally found that the TA seems to like me I thought were all illusions. They were all illusions. The world seemed to play a big joke on me.

Many brothers think that if they say joke after being rejected, they can easily dissolve the embarrassing atmosphere. No, and the other party will reply like Zhao Youting in To Youth: You are neurotic. You are not only impulsive, but also naive and extremely irresponsible.

What have I changed for? I dont want anything like that because I love you XXX... What you say is your own business. People really dont have this obligation.

Dont act as if you were disappointed in love after your confession was rejected. You are not together. What a ghost is disappointed in love?

If you continue to cry like this, it will only make people laugh. The other party knows that, at the most, sympathize with you. If you think about it, will sympathy turn into feelings?

When the confession is rejected, dont force it twice, let alone try to convince the other party with logic: Where do you dislike me, cant I change it?

Why on earth didnt you promise me? And dont try to guess maliciously: do you have someone you like? Dont be faithful: Ill wait for you all my life.

Maybe it can also ease the relaxed atmosphere on the spot. Remember, no one likes the tense atmosphere, no matter how they express themselves or get along with each other. Women are emotional animals. You should first ease the atmosphere down, Xu Tuzhi, isnt it good?

Next, you should be nervous, to carefully distinguish what she said when she refused you, is it a very definite expression that you do not like it?

Such as: gang rape is not your turn / youre too short / youre too ugly / you dont feel / youre a good person / I dont think were suitable / I like people anymore...

So you suffer, suffer, suffer more, suffer more in this day after day... One day you finally got rid of it. You didnt like her that much.

When you understand the reasons for the rejection of the statement, calmly analyze the situation at that time, and conclude that the other side still has a good feeling for themselves, you should start the second attraction plan: disconnection - display - Secondary attraction - compound. Every step of this process cant make mistakes, let alone jump.

After the confession is rejected, as a man, you should stand up. What she denies is your feelings towards her, not your whole person. If you sink into this situation and feel self-pity and pain every day, you will be despised by her to the end.

Even if you try to catch up and make yourself excellent, its the best response to her.

If you have been using mens or even straight mens thinking to solve gender problems, Im afraid its very difficult for you to be alone, even if you are alone, its not easy to maintain a long-term relationship.

Finally, I want to pay attention to my dogs.

All harvest sweet love!

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