What does a man look like when he breaks up and immediately finds a new lover?

 What does a man look like when he breaks up and immediately finds a new lover?

The first kind: before breaking up, boys have already committed mental derailment or substantive derailment.

In many cases of wayward break-up, it is common to see that boys can not repay for years of hard work, endure wayward girlfriends for years, and finally burst out.

Shortly after the break-up, because of emotional vacancy and loneliness, the other party will soon find a new love, and the general personal conditions of the new love will be weaker than yours.

The original intention of love is with different purposes, curtain call naturally becomes a matter of course.

The third is blind disconnection after breaking up.

As for the word disconnection, our students are no longer familiar with it. This is a necessary step in the recovery process for many students.

However, when some people come to seek advice from their seniors, they say that they will contact each other after disconnection, only to find that the other party has no feelings for her, or that they are looking for a new lover, or even that they are going to get married soon.

Not only can we not grasp the rhythm of disconnection, but also we do not know how to collect information in the process of disconnection, which leads to serious consequences.

According to the state before the breakup, it was analyzed whether he might have a new love right away.

2. Frequent quarrels

The frequency of quarrels increases, and in the process of quarrels, he will not let you or even coax you for several days, whatever you think, in fact, this is a terrible start, either he has felt that your communication has completely failed, or he feels that you have reached the point of nothing to say.

Of course, if the other party has already appeared in contact with the new love, or will soon contact the new love, students should not be anxious.

How to establish contacts?

1. Reunion

After so long disconnection, we cant break it again and again. At this time, decisive attack is the most correct operation. Contact the other party under the objective excuse of asking for help and inquiring, and express thanks appropriately after the other party responds.

Keep an open mouth and try to find out how the other person treats you when he or she finds a new lover.

For example, in the consultation of Xiao Zeng, we used the excuse of work to ask the man for help. Although the man was not too enthusiastic, he also carefully answered Xiao Zengs question.

After that, we initially contacted each other on a weekly basis. As Xiao Zengs predecessors response became more and more enthusiastic, our chat frequency gradually increased to one or two days.

Of course, if you have a friends birthday or activities, find ways to promote a big party, and then dress up to meet is also a very good kind of duplicate Oh ~

2. Meet and Warm up

This tactic is the most important step in breaking new love. After frequent contacts, it involves meeting and warming up. Here the fatal magic weapon for babies is that they can easily touch each others limbs.

NONONO, this is the first way to fight weirdness, so what is the high-level physical contact? Of course, its not to let the other person beat for your little touch.~

When meeting, the collar of the other party is not tidy (generally speaking, except Virgo, the collar of the boy is not too neat). Students can say, Ah, dont move first, your collar is a little messy, while stretching out their hands and stroking each others collar.

Keep in mind that you have to speak and act at once! _____________ When the other party does not respond, there is an excuse to do physical contact will be easier to let the other partys heart panic.

Hand away, smiled and said to him, Its all right now. Now its a God again.

Then, on the way back, you can accidentally touch each others hand. After attracting the attention of the other party, immediately take back their hands. Then glance at each other secretly and immediately lower your head to make a shy appearance.

After the date, cool the other person for a week, dispel the idea that you still love him, and circle some social activities with friends.

When the other side thinks that they are thinking too much, then forward a circle of friends who hurt their feelings, or a certain section of micro-blog emotional golden sentences that once alluded to the feelings between you.

Repeated push and pull, the other partys attention will be relaxed all on you oh.

Finally, I want to pay attention to my dogs.

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