32-year-old single mans first love: Brother, youre too extreme to be a girlfriend.

 32-year-old single mans first love: Brother, youre too extreme to be a girlfriend.

Because of their work, they have just known each other in different places for nearly a year, and there are also many stumbling points (low EQ makes girls very uncomfortable). With the girls suggestion, I began to read the articles about loving teachers every day, and also got a great promotion.

But I recently made a fatal mistake. I was very ashamed of asking about each others feelings and sexual experiences (some of my experiences biased me against sex, believing that sex and money were often used as an exchange, which I did not do, but in the workplace or surroundings, I was asking her why her brain didnt work, in fact. There is no need at all. No matter what aspect of the girl, there will be no problem that I am worried about. This is a mental illness, if it is actively treated by me.

Please give me some advice. I can accept it whether I can regain my heart or not.

Thank you very much for this ladys recommendation of my article to you. At the same time, I thank all my classmates who share my article with others, because sharing is not only a virtue, but also makes our social environment better.

The boy saw us, no matter what he did, at least now he is studying and reflecting.

However, if you really want to seek professional help, at least you shouldnt let a girl solve your problem.

First, your actions are inconsistent with what you say.

You talk about accepting her past, but you dont. What you say is different from what you think and do. In the chat record, the girl also said, I dont mind talking, but Im honest thinking. That means you dont agree with each other.

Even if you cant accept it, it doesnt matter. You can admit it and tell the other party directly that you have some difficulties in the process of accepting it, but dont pretend that you are free and easy, and actually care about it. Thats not interesting.

Secondly, your past emotions and sexual experiences are too few to say that you dont understand women.

In your mind, you think about sex dirty. You think that sex and money are often exchanged.

Its a very wrong idea. I can assure you that Ive met many girls who dont care about money at all. Even if they are poor, they will still stick to themselves and wont compromise for money.

I can only say that you lack experience in this area and you think too much about it. Girls in other families are not as bad as you imagine. Most of the girls in the world are very clean and self-conscious, even to the point of being too clean and self-conscious.

So, please learn more about girlsideas, contact them, understand them, and dont imagine and define them.