After Li Zongwei retired, he wrote: If you can have another fight with Lindane

 After Li Zongwei retired, he wrote: If you can have another fight with Lindane

Hello, everyone. Im Li Zongwei. After several struggles, I finally chose to hang up the racket, drawing a conclusion for my nearly 20 years of badminton career in Malaysia National Team.

Its not an easy decision to put down the racket. Im full of frustration, but its a good decision. Thank you to the coaches, teammates, all the staff of the Yuequan General Administration, the physiotherapists, all the friends who like me, love me and support me, who have seen me play and left messages for me. Thank you, I can be me because of you on the way.

Many friends ask me what I plan to do in the future. In addition to a good rest, there are many things waiting for me to do, including fulfilling my promise, taking my wife to my honeymoon, until now, when we get married, we finally have time to do it. Ha, what good place to recommend?

Toallmyfamily friends and fans. Toeveryone of you who have ebeenapartof mylife, thank you. Arealbigsincere thank you.?

Monthsago, allof youknew Ihadcancer. Ifoughtit. AndIthoughtIfoughtitwell. IthoughtIcouldtryonemore time.

Iwasatloss.Ithought Howam Isupposed to hang up myracket after nearlytwententyyearsof competitivebadminton? HowaboutmyOlympicdreams?

The nitstruck meter of inallymakeupmymind. Ishouldnt besoselfish. Ihaveplayed formyself, Ihaveplayed formycountry. Thistime, Iwanttoplaytheroleofafather, forlongtime. Iwantto see the groupwuptobepropermen, togetmarried, tohavekids. Iwanke of care of my wifensheldtoo.

SoYes, I havemademydecisiontoquit. Im msorrythat I couldnt make a keitto Tokyothistimearound. AndIm msorryIdidtt deliver an Olympicgold. ButIknowowowowIvenoregretsas Ivetried mybest. Myverybest.

I hope emyname Lee Chong Weihasinspired you to allow new ayor another, samelike the way you guys piredme. Without my family, myteammates, mycoaches, and mysupporters, I wont tachieveanything.

Tomy fellow badminton player slikethe LinDans, the Taufiks, the Peter Gades, and Hyunills. Yup, mytimeisup. Thankyou for the great battletleswehad. Asamazingasitis, ithin kourera shouldbe comingto nendnow. Momota, Victor, Yuholder and Zifort Jia, the well. Make the world realistically minested badest sport.?

Ihadnoregrets. Whenistarted playing badminton, all Iwanted to doistorepresentMalaysia. AndIbelieved Ididit with hprideandhonour.?

Well.Im done.Thank you verymuchtoall of you.Lee Chong Weisigning out.

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