According to the press, the Air Force has lost 10 aircraft in less than half a year.

 According to the press, the Air Force has lost 10 aircraft in less than half a year.

Reference News Network reported on June 13 that the Indian Air Force had lost 10 aircraft in less than half a year as of June 11. The blow was not small. After all, the Indian Air Force was facing a shrinking fleet. Although the latest tragedy was an An-32 transport aircraft, in addition to fighter or attacker planes such as MiG-27, MiG-21, Jaguar and Mirage-2000, this year, Mi-17 helicopters and Hawk trainers also suffered from bad luck.

Indias Zee News website reported on June 12 that on January 28, an Indian Air Force Jaguar attacker crashed about 300 kilometers from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Shortly after taking off from Gorekbul Air Force Base, the training plane crashed into the farmland and caught fire. The pilot ejected safely to escape.

Reported that February is the most brutal month for the Indian Air Force. On February 27, a MiG-21 fighter plane piloted by Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Abinadan Waltaman was shot down by Pakistan in air combat. On the same day, an Indian Air Force Mi-17 helicopter was shot down by a friendly missile in Budgam, killing all six soldiers on board.

On February 19, just one day before the opening of the Indian Air Show in Bangalore, two Hawk trainer planes of the Indian Army crashed, killing pilot Lieutenant Colonel Sahir Gandhi. Before the accident, the two trainers belonging to the Indian Air Force Sunshine Flight Performance Team were practicing their maneuvers and then collided uncontrollably in the air.

In February, another Mirage-2000 and one MiG-27 crashed. On February 1, a two-seater coach fighter Mirage-2000 crashed at an airport in Bangalore during a test flight, killing pilots Major Sidarta Negi and Major Samir Abrul. On February 12, a MiG-27 crashed near the Bockland training ground while on a training mission in Jaysermel, Rajasthan.

Another MiG-27 crashed near the town of Sheoganje in the Siroche area on March 31 this year on a routine mission from Jodhpur. In addition to the MiG-27, another MiG-21 crashed on March 8.

Reported that the recently crashed An-32 transporter lost its connection after taking off from Jolhard Air Force Base on June 3, with 13 people on board. After 8 days of extensive search, rescuers found the wreckage of the aircraft on the 11th.

DATA FIGURE: Field map of the crash of the Indian Mi-17 helicopter.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Yao Wenguang_NN1682