Iran Increases the Production of New Kausar fighter planes

 Iran Increases the Production of New Kausar fighter planes

Reference News Network reported on June 13 that Irans Defense Minister Amir Khatami announced that Iran plans to increase the production of the new Kausar supersonic fighter.

Iranian Fars News Agency website reported on June 11 that Hatami visited the production plant of the Kausar fighter plane in the central Iranian city of Isfahan on June 11 and said: The aviation experts of the Ministry of Defense are determined to cooperate fully with the Iranian Air Force this year in order to produce more Kausar fighter planes in the shortest possible time.

Iranian Air Force Commander Aziz Nasserzad said he hoped the new Kausar fighter would soon join the combat forces.

Reported that the new fighter uses the 4th generation of military digital network, equipped with a head-up display system (HUD) to enhance the precision of weapon strike capability, advanced multi-purpose fire control radar to improve the tracking accuracy of targets and threats, and high-precision navigation system.

The Cossal fighter can produce two versions, one seater and two seats. The two seats version can also be used to train pilots.

Source: Irans new Kausar fighter.

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