Just need the Gospel! Shanxi University Town State-owned Enterprise Quality Market! Complete five certificates, down payment to 200,000~

 Just need the Gospel! Shanxi University Town State-owned Enterprise Quality Market! Complete five certificates, down payment to 200,000~


Close to the University Town, with well-developed transportation

Initiation of International Schools

Pioneering International Schools Effect Map ____________

Community supporting mature, with 200,000 parties of business, the first and second phases have been occupied, the third phase of 16 buildings will be delivered to use at the end of the year, there will be about 4,000 owners, we can see the high popularity of the community.

Initiation: The Second Phase of International Schools

Community planning has two kindergartens, the middle of which is a 700-metre commercial street with cherry trees planted. It will also be a holy place of net red card in the region. In addition, if the square (commercial) is built in the Northeast side, the daily needs of the owners can be solved without the community.

Pioneering Actual shooting of the International School Business Street ___________

The project is located in the prosperous area of Yuci North City, close to Shanxi University City, Wujinshan Hospital and Eden City. To the south, there are Wanke Commercial Square, Wanda Square, Shandong Medical University Second Hospital (South) and other supporting facilities. The catering, retail, literary creation, film and entertainment industries are complete.

Initiation of the Road Network around the International School Park


Phase IV is close to the newly built North Road. Four houses are about to be liquidated. The products of three residences and four residences are mainly distributed in 5 # and 11 # buildings. The average price of blank delivery is 8000-8500 yuan/. The five certificates are complete and the down payment is only 20%.

Initiation of the Fourth Stage of International School Sand Table

The facade of three rooms, two halls and two bathrooms is about 122.9.

Three rooms, two halls and two sanitary facades are about 132.8.

North-South transparent, all-Ming design, dining and guests in one, south to the main bedroom, the living room east and west, independent bathroom, 4m all-round living room

Another flat and loft apartments are on sale. The smallest apartment is about 33_.

In addition to residential buildings, there is also a 26-storey apartment building for sale at the junction of Mingqian Street and Xinjianbei Road. The average transaction price of flat-storey apartments is 8300-8500 yuan/, and the down payment is about 140,000 yuan. It is estimated that many people will be circled pink.

One room, one hall and one household plan is about 33_

The loft apartment is concentrated in the top floor of the building, which is limited in number and scarce. It is 4.7 meters high, with an average transaction price of 9300-9500 yuan/, and it is very practical to buy one floor for one floor.

About 33 loft Apartment Model Room

Generally speaking, as a large market of 1000 mu beside Shanxi University City, Pioneer International School Park has the following advantages:

1. First of all, low down payment, low total price, unlimited purchase, good location, relying on the University City and the surrounding supporting life, it has great attraction for just-in-need and even to improve homeowners.

2. The project is the quality of state-owned enterprises. The community has developed and matured. It has its own kindergarten and commercial street. The highest building is 26 floors, and the living comfort is high.

4. It is very convenient to go to Nancheng and even Taiyuan, which is close to Yuci Core Road.

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