Lindane: Im the only one left to think about the four heavenly kings. Its really glorious.

 Lindane: Im the only one left to think about the four heavenly kings. Its really glorious.

And all afternoon, Lindanes phone calls and Wechat did not stop. At 5 p.m., Lin Dan, who had just finished his training, saw his friend send a screenshot of Lindanes No one to accompany me with his last cell phone power.

Unexpectedly, carelessly also rubbed a heat. Lindane scoffed at the surging news.

Li Zongwei chose to say goodbye.

Some people say that a retirement of an athlete is like a death. Especially for Li Zongwei, who is very ambitious and strong in fighting cancer.

Li Zongwei burst into tears at the noon announcement on the 13th. Its not easy to say goodbye when its only a year away from the Tokyo Olympics. Sashadi, Minister of Youth Sports of Malaysia, who accompanied him to the conference, and Srinosa, President of Yue General, as well as the media on the spot, encouraged him with long-standing applause.

On hearing the news, Lindane was on his way to training. My friend told me that the conference was being broadcast live. Although not particularly sudden, but for so many years to serve the country, the day has come. Lin Dan lamented the surging news.

Li Zongwei, who was on the scene of the conference, was also asked if he had informed Lin Dan beforehand. Li Zongwei responded, I didnt know it, but now I know it, too. I think the whole world is watching it.

From the first time they met in 2004, Lindane won the all-British mens singles semi-final 2-1 in 2018. Over the past 15 years, Lin Dan and Li Zongwei have jointly created an era that can not be reproduced in badminton history. However, the battle between Lin and Li remained regrettably in the 40th round.

In the red dust, there are too many blind pursuits. I also feel your pain. Friends dont cry, Im still the end of your heart. Dont cry, my friend. Im not alone with you.

Sometimes, fate is more wonderful than fiction.

Lindane won the first title in 2019 in the final of Kuala Lumpur after 13 months in the Malaysian Open in April. At the award ceremony, Li Zongwei, who had not seen him for a long time, arrived at the ceremony and handed the trophy to Lindan himself.

Are you all right? Lindane on the podium leaned down and asked with concern.

Im OK! Im sorry I dont have time to take you out to dinner this time. Li Zongwei looks in good shape, still wearing a trademark smile.

Thats all right. Will you go to Singapore again?

No! No. Next time we make an appointment, we will continue to refuel together.

OK, come on together!

The agreement of refueling together is still in our ears. But Lin Dan did not wait for Li Zongwei. Datuk subsequently missed the Sudiman Cup in May. Meanwhile, Lin Dan, who won six consecutive Su Cup Championships for China, was not included in the list of 20 players.

Perhaps, in Kuala Lumpur, Li Zongweis best wishes and farewell to Lindane are the rush side. And the real departure, not too much paving, but is an ordinary day, someone stayed yesterday.

From the rise of Taotian Xiandou, Lindane fell into Championship shortage, the era of Lin Li has passed. After seeing off his comrades-in-arms, Lindane will continue to fight.

To this day, it can be officially said that I am the only one left in our wave. Its glorious to think about it. Now that I am still on the field, I will continue to fight with determination.

This is the last stubbornness of their old man. He believed that the Lin Li War would not end there. I always thought Zong Wei might return to the arena. In the future, maybe we can meet on the court. Whether it is the Olympic Games or not is not so important to us.

At this moment of turning around, Li Zongwei can be proud, unyielding and full of glory.

From 2004 to 2016, Li Zongwei represented Malaysia in four Olympic Games and won three silver medals. He has always been the God of war who has been defeated repeatedly. As the subtitle at the end of Datuks autobiographical film The Loser Is the King writes, Lee Zongwei bears the hope of Malaysians, perseveres in setbacks and never fails.

For such a hero who never fails but never fails, choosing to let go may mean rebirth instead. Today, not only the whole horse is crying for him, but also the badminton fans all over the world are interested in him.

At the end of the conference, Li Zongwei choked and said, Finally, I want to thank Malaysia. Without Malaysia, there would be no Li Zongweis 19 years in the national team, nor the 19 years of fighting for the country.

In the days to come, Li Zongwei will play badminton in another way. He and Lindane still live for badminton.

Source: Liu Jie_NS6529, the responsible editor of Peng Mei News