The first batch of thematic education on Never forget your first heart and remember your mission was launched in an all-round way.

 The first batch of thematic education on Never forget your first heart and remember your mission was launched in an all-round way.

From the great call of not forgetting the original mind and moving forward to the theme of the congress at the Congress celebrating the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, to the inclusion of not forgetting the original mind and remembering the mission in the theme of the congress at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, from the visit to the site of the Congress of the First Congress of the Communist Party of China after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to the journey of the first heart of the Red In an important speech at the opening ceremony of the training course for young and middle-aged cadres in the Administrative College, General Secretary Xi Jinping took the lead in setting an example and sending out earnest remarks, which provided the best demonstration for the whole Party to review, understand and practice the initiative.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions and instructions on how to carry out thematic education. On May 13, he chaired a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, devoted to the research and deployment of thematic education, and put forward clear requirements.

General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech at the working conference on Theme Education of never forget the first heart and remember the mission was like a command to go out to open the curtain of theme education, and the whole Party acted immediately.

It is unanimously agreed that the thematic education of never forgetting the initiative and remembering the mission is an important deployment made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core to command the great struggle, great projects, great undertakings and great dreams. It demonstrates the Partys clear attitude of never forgetting the initiative, reorganizing its costumes and starting again, and reflects its profound grasp of the new mission in the new era, as well as the strengthening of the Party Central Committee. In the new era, the Partys construction should be promoted with firm determination and strategic considerations to govern the Party strictly in an all-round way.

We all agreed that we should devote ourselves to thematic education with high political consciousness, serious political attitude and full political enthusiasm, further strengthen the four consciousness, firm the four self-confidence and achieve two safeguards, and make thematic education a major political task.

Its an initiative Ive taken.u2014u2014

The organs of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, the State Council and the CPPCC have made concrete arrangements for communication, learning and implementation at the first time; the organs of the State Supervision Committee of the Central Discipline Commission, the Central General Office, the Central Organization Department, the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Political Research Office and the Central Reform Office have convened mobilization and deployment meetings to carry out detailed deployment of thematic education; the Central Political and Legal Commission, the Central Finance Office, etc. The Central Foreign Affairs Office and other departments should closely adhere to their own political tasks and formulate implementation plans for thematic education.

This is the efficiency of implementationu2014u2014

Before the Central Committee convened the thematic education work conference, many places and units in Shanghai and Hainan had made preparations and started early, and planned the implementation plan of thematic education in advance.

According to the unified deployment of the central government, 34 central steering groups have rushed to carry out thematic education units and put into work rapidly in a good mental state.

On June 5, the training meeting of the Central Steering Group was held in Beijing for ideological mobilization and professional training. The guidance group insists on learning first, carefully and deeply, timely conveying the spirit of the central government, thoroughly understanding the situation of the units contacted, carefully reviewing the implementation plan of thematic education, striving to innovate ideas, highlight key points, and ensure that the leaders are in the front, supervise the implementation and achieve practical results.

Focusing on the overall situation of central service

Only by not forgetting the first intention can we make good use of our actions, carry out our lives and strive to create brilliance again.

Do a good job of combining major articles, insist on combining thematic education with what is being done by the Central Committee of the Party, and the central work of the local departments and units.u2014u2014

The SASAC of the State Council clearly requests that the Party Committee of the State-owned Enterprises under the supervision of the State Council further improve its political position, promote the popularization and implementation of Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the Central Enterprise University in the new era, and ensure that the major decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee takes root in the Central Enterprises; China Construction Bank, China Yizhong, China Food Group and China Aluminum Group closely focus on in-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping. General Secretary Pings spirit of important instructions and instructions in this field guides all Party members and cadres to be enterprising and active with the opportunity of developing thematic education. China Huadian, China Commercial Airlines, China Merchants Bureau and Agricultural Development Bank consciously regard thematic education as a process of in-depth study and implementation of new development concepts, which is closely linked with the promotion of enterprise reform and development.

Be brave enough to act and consciously serve the overall situation of the Party and the stateu2014u2014

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it should shoulder the important mission of promoting the diplomacy of the great powers with Chinese characteristics in the new era with a more vigorous spirit; the Ministry of Public Security should combine thematic education with the practice of practicing the new mission and loyalty to Daqing; the Ministry of Commerce has determined 10 measures, such as stabilizing foreign trade, stabilizing foreign investment, promoting consumption and risk Countermeasures in the field of business in the new era. Focus on research topics; China Association for the Promotion of Trade, China Federation of Overseas Chinese and other groups expressed the need to carry out thematic education and serve the overall situation of the countrys reform and opening up, gathering the strength of Chinese children at home and abroad to work together to build the Chinese dream.

Focusing on Practice, Keeping Right and Innovating

On the morning of June 3, Hebei held a mobilization and deployment conference in Xibaipo, Pingshan County, offering flower baskets to the statues of the five secretaries, revisiting the pledge of joining the Party before the site of the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee, in order to launch the thematic education of the whole province in this way.

Departments and units in all regions should base themselves on reality and carry out thematic education creatively to achieve the best results.

u2014u2014 We should innovate the ways and means of theoretical learning so that we can learn deeply and truly.

The Party Committee of the Central Committee and the State Organs has proposed the establishment of the five-learning linkage mechanism of the theoretical learning center group, the theoretical learning hall, the Party groups of various departments (units), the youth theoretical learning group and the individual Party members.

The United Front Ministry of the Central Committee has proposed to carry out activities such as lecturing Party lessons, knowledge contests, exchange of experience among young cadres, and theoretical essay solicitation by leading cadres.

The Emergency Management Department regards General Secretary Xi Jinpings important expositions on production safety, disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, emergency rescue and other aspects as the focus of study, and determines July as the Special Party Course Month.

Chongqing organizes Party members and cadres to visit the Red Rock Revolutionary History Museum, Zhou Mansion, Jialing Cave and Bai Mansion to review the Eight Articles in Prison and carry forward the Red Rock Spirit; Jiangxi organizes Party members and cadres to come to Ruijin and Yudu to realize revolutionary ideals and beliefs in the stories of the Long March of the Red Army; Zhejiang explicitly proposes to carry out thematic education with the flavor of Red Boat and Zhejiang flavor.

Looking inward for problems with knife blades, focusing on rectification, insisting on the word change throughout the whole process, and carrying out centralized rectificationu2014u2014

Tianjin has brought the harbour culture, circle culture and good man doctrine into the special task of harbour renovation.

Shandong insists on changing from the very beginning and identifies nine renovation tasks at the provincial level.

Shaanxi consolidates and expands the special renovation effect of villas in Xian at the northern foot of Qinling Mountains, laying a good foundation for deepening thematic education.

Qinghai has put the issue of Party membersbelief in religion and participation in religious activities, and the development of Party members in violation of rules and regulations into special rectification.

The Supreme Inspection will focus on formalism and bureaucracy to reduce the burden at the grass-roots level, and make relevant preparations in advance.

The National Development and Reform Commission stresses that it should focus on the most realistic interests of the masses, analyse the crux and solve the problems of cost reduction, poverty alleviation, employment and price.

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment proposed to continuously strengthen supervision, urge and assist local governments to promote the work of ecological environment protection, dock and support the needs of enterprises for pollution control, and effectively solve the peoples strong ecological environment problems.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas calls for the combination of thematic education with the work of agriculture, countryside and farmers to actively promote the improvement of rural human settlements and other key tasks.

Jiangxi calls on every Party member and cadre working in this red land to make the people of the old areas live a happier and better life with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, and to comfort the revolutionary martyrs with better achievements.