The players were forced to ask for salary from the police station. The Dalian players wrote to the Football Association that the team owed more than 7 million salaries in two years.

 The players were forced to ask for salary from the police station. The Dalian players wrote to the Football Association that the team owed more than 7 million salaries in two years.

The full text of an open letter from Gigabit players to the Chinese Football Association is as follows:

Dear Secretary Du:


First of all, as a football practitioner, we can see that Chinese football is developing positively in the construction of football culture and the healthy development of professional leagues, so that the Chinese football environment continues on a healthy track; nowadays, more and more children play football in China, and the rules and regulations of professional leagues are becoming more and more perfect, all of which can not be separated from your leadership and support. However, in such an upward environment of football, in our professional league there are still small club system and development aspects are not comprehensive, club players suffer serious salary arrears, their rights and interests can not be normally protected.

We are the players of Dalian Gigabit Football Club of China Second League. As of today, the salary of all our team members is unknown in 2019. The total amount of salary arrears has reached more than 7 million, which seriously affects the personal and family problems and has been unable to maintain their livelihood.

Since the mid-season of 2017, Dalian Gigabit Group has taken over the team in a high-profile manner, and announced the goal of three years to break through the armour and five years to break through. As players, after seeing the ambition of the clubs investors, we are naturally full of joy and confidence, and firmly believe that we will be able to accomplish the task smoothly through everyones efforts.

But the good times are not long. From the second half of the 2017 season, the playersrights and interests have been greatly impacted, and the players salaries have been in arrears, which means that we have suffered a lot. But frankly speaking, for the benefit of the club and for the honor of Dalian Football, we chose to swallow our breath. At the same time, we also hope that this dilemma will arise because investors encounter temporary embarrassment in business and everything will be all right. After all, if it is a company with great goals, it will not be on the issue of playerswages. The sewer capsized.

But maybe we are too naive. The situation in 2018 is almost the same as that in the previous year, but under the strict scrutiny of the Chinese Football Association, in the middle of the season, in order to maintain the teams qualifications, investors were forced to pay us extra wages, so that the playerslives could be alleviated.

By the end of the season of 2019, it will be the last season of what the clubs investors call three years of armour attack. After two consecutive years of wage arrears, our hearts are actually worried. We do not know whether the year of battle against armour will still encounter wage arrears as before. However, the investor of the club seems not to be worried about this problem at all. Before the season, a high-profile grand parade was held and the director of Dalian Sports Bureau was invited to assist us in order to stabilize the military spirit and give us the strength of hope and struggle. Everything is a prosperous scene. As a player, who doesnt want to achieve good results on the court and strive for a higher platform? Well, we are determined to work harder this season and try to add a top-ranking team to Dalian Football Team.

After the start of the season in 2019, the whole team, together with the staff of the club under the leadership of General Wei, twisted a rope, especially as a local player, we sincerely hope to help Dalian football correct its name and name for the team! The results of the previous rounds are also in direct proportion to our efforts. Our team is considered to be the most popular in this years armour attack.

Later, Im afraid most people who care about Dalian Gigabit also know that on the most critical wage issue, the club investors have been unable to fulfill their promises, delaying time and again. What is more terrible is that when we want to feedback the problem upwards, investors are directly out of touch. It seems that the dark days have finally arrived, and we are momentarily at a loss.

Today, we still can not contact the clubs investors, the first half of 2019 salary is still not settled. We dont want to encounter other peoples extra benefits. We just hope that we can get back our earnings! I beg Secretary Du to help us, the players at the bottom of the football circle, safeguard their rights and interests.

This brings


All members of Dalian Gigabit Football Club

June 13, 2019

Source: Netease Sports Responsible Editor: Li Siming_BJS2696