Chelsea Ghost Speech: Im a Parisian by nature and want to play for Paris.

 Chelsea Ghost Speech: Im a Parisian by nature and want to play for Paris.

In the summer of 2017, Bakayoko joined Chelsea from Monaco for a transfer fee of 40 million, but it was difficult for Chelsea to get a major place in a year and only played in irrelevant matches. Last summer, Bacayoko was loaned by the Blues to AC Milan in Serie A because Chelsea couldnt play. Bacayoko, who had just arrived in Serie A, was flat, but gradually became an important part of the team. He played 42 games on Milans various fronts last season.

Milan initially planned to return him in the winter window, but Bakayokos subsequent performance proved his ability, and the loan expired at the end of the season. Because of his excellent performance in Serie A, Milan intend to buy him out completely. Despite previous tensions with Gattuso, after Gattusos departure, Bacayoko was not convinced by Milan and still wanted to leave. At the end of the season, he delivered a warm farewell message to thank Milan and, according to his contract, Bacayoko will of course return to Chelsea, which he owns.

A few days ago, Bacayoko declared that he would like to return to Chelsea. After all, the Blues have a chance to play in the Champions League, which is better than Milan, who can only play in the European Union. However, he suddenly took the initiative to confess to Greater Paris, which is confusing.

When asked if there were any other interested clubs, his brother Abdullaye, who is also his agent, said: We get calls every day because he has played well in Milan this year and we need to seriously consider the best option. At the moment it seems the best option is Chelsea. He knew he had to start from scratch and do his best to see the results when he got home. But that does not prevent us from considering other options.

When asked about Leonardos return to Paris, Bacayoko said, Im glad he came to Paris. Paris is the club in my heart and my city. Im sure hell do well. I hope everything goes well there! When asked whether he would like to play in Paris, Bacayoko made a big show of his heart. Bakayoko did not hide his heart. Yes! Of course! I hope I can play for Paris one day. I cant lie. Paris is a big club for me and my favorite club. We are all real Parisians.

Bacayoko said he wanted to join Paris Saint Germain! Although there seems to be no invitation or public interest in him according to media reports, I dont know where his play came from. Of course, maybe its impossible for the two sides to have contact in private, but without substantial contact, what he said as a Chelsea player is very admirable for his EQ!

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