Japan U17 national team 9-0 Argentina half-time every 7:30 minutes into one

 Japan U17 national team 9-0 Argentina half-time every 7:30 minutes into one

Japan, which won last years U16 Asian championship, and Argentina, which won the U16 American championship, played a warm-up match in Buenos Aires on Monday in preparation for the U17 World Cup, which opened this autumn.

Joyue Daiwa scored three hat-tricks in the 43rd, 44th and 45th minutes of the first half to help Japan lead 3-0. In the second half of the match, the Japanese team continued to work hard, and Tang Shanxiang enlarged the lead again in the 54th minute; replaced Joyue Dawas Sugi Puli Dou, who entered the stage, scored twice in the 63rd and 69th minutes; Argentina was still unable to block the Japanese teams offensive in the last 10 minutes of the match, and Tsukii went to the next city first, and Tang Shanxiang finished the hat trick by scoring two goals in succession. France, Japan eventually swept Argentina 9-0.

In the second half, one player wore a hat and one scored every 7.5 minutes, which gave Japanese players great confidence. Joyue Dahe, who scored three goals in the first half, said after the match: When we think of the 9-0 victory, we are confident of the upcoming U17 World Cup.

Although Argentina U17 mainly investigates bench players and newly selected players in this game, the huge 0-9 defeat should not have been thought of before the game. As a traditional football power in South America, Argentina is really disgraced.

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