Kim Jong-uns sister, Kim Jong-un, and the high-profile resurrection to end the house arrest rumor

 Kim Jong-uns sister, Kim Jong-un, and the high-profile resurrection to end the house arrest rumor

On the afternoon of June 12, Kim and Zheng were in Panmunjom to convey to Zheng Yirong the condolences and wreaths from Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of the DPRK, addressed to the survivors of Lee Kyi-ho, wife of former President Kim Dae-jung of South Korea. Tu/KCNA

Kim Jong-un, the sister of North Koreas top leader, and Kim Jong-un are coming back in Panmunjom, just in time for the first anniversary of the DPRK-US Leadersmeeting in Singapore.

On the afternoon of June 12, in the Unified Pavilion on the Korean side of Panmunjom on the Korean border, Kim and Zheng wore a trademark black suit suit and handed over a letter of condolence signed by Kim Jong-un to Zheng Yirong, the head of the Korean National Security Office opposite the table. In the letter, Kim Jong-un offered his deepest condolences to Ms. Lee Kye-ho (wife of former President Kim Dae-jung of Korea), who had just died.

At the Pingchang Winter Olympics a year ago, Kim and Zheng Yirong met for the first time. At that time, Kim and Jong-un went to the South as special envoys of Kim Jong-un, and for the first time released a positive signal to the world that North Korea hoped to negotiate a solution to the nuclear issue on the peninsula. Then on April 5, Zheng Yirong visited Pyongyang as special envoy of South Korean President Wen Zaiyin, and received from Kim Jong-un a personal letter from the top leader of North Korea to President Trump. Shortly afterwards, the DPRK-US Leadersmeeting was finalized.

The appearance of Kim Hee is the first time that she appeared on international occasions after being exposed by the Korean media as being under house arrest.

Sitting closer to Kim Jong-un

At the end of last month, South Koreas Chosun Ilbo and other media quoted anonymous sources as saying that after the failure of the second Kinte meeting, North Korea restructured its diplomatic team on a large scale. Most of the former team members, including Kim and Zheng, were severely punished by dismissal, reform through labour, house arrest and even execution. During that period, Kim and Jong, Kim Ying-jee and others did not appear in the official media reports of North Korea for decades in succession, which seems to confirm the news.

Kim Jong-un, Kim Ying-jee and other high-level officials did not appear in the public eye for a long time after the 14th Supreme Peoples Congress of the DPRK was held. In fact, it is related to Kim Jong-uns less appearance after the second Kint Meeting. North Koreas top leader has not appeared in official media reports for 20 consecutive days since May 9, when he directed the fire strike training of frontier and western frontier defense forces.

This month, Kim and Zheng have appeared in public for the second time. On June 3, KCNA reported that Kim Jong-un watched the opening performance of the large-scale group calisthenics Peoples Country. Kim and Li Xuezhong were sitting in the first seat on the right side of Kim Jong-un and his wife, accompanied by the performance, while Li Suyong, Vice Chairman of the Labor Party Central Committee, was sitting next to Kim. Yonhap analysis said that this reflects Kim and Zhengs political status has risen again.

This coincides with the personnel adjustment of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the Korean Labour Party. At the meeting held on April 10, although Kim and Zheng did not get any job adjustment in public information, they were promoted by Xuan Songyue, a subordinate of the propaganda and agitation Department of the Central Committee of the Korean Labor Party and the current vice-minister and head of the Sanchiyuan Orchestra. This famous Korean female singer was promoted from the alternate member of the Central Committee of the Labor Party to the Central Committee.

Considering that Kim and Jong are actually responsible for work far beyond the scope of the Ministry of Propaganda and Encouraging, Korean media speculated at that time that the rising political status of Xuan Songyue might become Kim and Jongs successor to the post of the Ministry of Propaganda and Encouraging. The news was basically confirmed in June this year: in a series of reports published by KCNA and Labor News, Xuan Songyue became a key member of the Labour Party accompanying Kim Jong-un to inspect and visit.

Kim and Zhengs duties have been adjusted, but they have not yet been confirmed. Michael Madden, a North Korean personnel expert at Johns Hopkins University, told China News Weekly. Last August, he disclosed to China Newsweek that Kim and Zhengs daily work and her involvement in affairs are much broader than we had previously imagined.

Madden said he had information that Kim and Jong-un were working on policy teams in the office of Kim Jong-un, the chairmans Office of the Central Committee of the WorkersParty of Korea and the office of the State Councilor. She was also a member of the decision-making team responsible for missile and weapon tests in the past two years.

On June 12, the Korean Central News Agency reported that Kim and Zheng solemnly conveyed Comrade Kim Jong-uns letter of condolence and deep condolences to the family members of his deceased family on the issue of sending a letter of condolence to Li Ji-hos deceased family.

On the afternoon of June 12, Kim and Zheng were in Panmunjom to convey to Zheng Yirong the condolences and wreaths from Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of the DPRK, addressed to the survivors of Lee Kyi-ho, wife of former President Kim Dae-jung of South Korea. Tu/KCNA

During the meeting, Kim and Zheng also confirmed to the ROK that she could directly convey information to Kim Jong-un. After the meeting, South Korean representative Zheng Yirong told reporters that during the meeting, he asked Kim and Zheng to convey their gratitude to Kim Jong-un and regret that the DPRK did not send a mourning delegation to visit Korea. Kim and Zheng immediately said they would convey it to Kim Jong-un.

In addition to Kim and Zheng, the deputy chairman of the Central Committee of the Korean Labour Party, Kim Ying-jee, who was reported by some Korean media as delegating labor, has recently reappeared in the reports of the official Korean media. Since June 3, he has accompanied Kim Jong-un several times to watch literary performances and sat near the top leaders.

The stalemate between the DPRK and the US will continue for a long time.

Kim and Zheng Zhengen, the representatives of Kim Jong-un, handed over wreaths and condolences to the survivors of Lee Ji-ho. In the early stage, the liaison offices of the two Koreas in the Kaesong Industrial Park were connected, which reflected the normalization of exchanges between the two sides. The situation on the peninsula did not deteriorate rapidly after the second Kindle meeting on February 28, but the trend of inter-Korean and inter-Korean relations was quite different from that of the same period last year.

On June 3, Kim and Zheng accompanied Kim Jong-un to watch the large-scale group calisthenics performance The Peoples Country. From left, they are Li Suyong, Kim and Zheng, Li Xuezhuo, Kim Jong-un and so on. Figure/Labor News

I just received a beautiful letter. On June 11, President Trumps remarks during a meeting with reporters gave new hope to the outside world. According to him, he received a letter from Kim Jong-un a day ago, the content of which was very personal, very warm and very friendly.

Trump did not disclose the details of the letter, but said, I am grateful for this letter. This is the first time that Trump has announced his correspondence with Kim Jong-un since the second Kint Conference.

When asked whether there would be a third Kings Meeting, Trump changed his previous positive attitude and only vaguely stated that he would observe the situation further. On the same day, US National Security Adviser Bolton disclosed that the US sides position on denuclearization at the Third Kings Meeting would not change.

When North Korea is ready (for the third talks), we are also ready. They will still have to give up nuclear weapons, Bolton said.

On 11 June, the Secretary-General of the United Nations circulated to delegates a statement issued on 4 June by a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK. The conversation pointed out, In the past year, the United States... Just insist that North Korea surrender its nuclear weapons unilaterally, and ask the Trump government to abandon the current method of calculation and adopt new ways to contact us.

Our patience is limited, a spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry warned again. Whether the DPRK-US Joint Statement of 12 June 2018 will remain valid or become a dead letter will now depend on how the United States responds to our fair and reasonable position.

It is predicted that the stalemate between the DPRK and the US will continue for a long time to wait for the change of attitudes of the other side.

Source: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499, Responsible Editor of China Newsweek