Putin: Russia does not interfere in Sino-US trade negotiations, but is undoubtedly a strategic partner

 Putin: Russia does not interfere in Sino-US trade negotiations, but is undoubtedly a strategic partner

Russian President Vladimir Putin was interviewed by World TV on the same day, Russian news agency reported Wednesday. Speaking of Sino-US trade frictions, he said that China and the United States have many special relations in the field of production and finance. Russia has no reason to interfere in the negotiation process between the two countries, but its heart is undoubtedly towards its comprehensive strategic cooperation partners.

Putins Interview with World Television from Russian News Agency

In fact, there are disputes between the two largest economies in the world, and the current work of China and the United States involves many special issues, Putin said.

There are many special relations between the two countries. Of course, even from a common sense point of view, we have no reason to interfere in the negotiation process. He said.

At the same time, Putin also drew attention to the development of bilateral relations between Russia and China, stressing that the two countries have unprecedented good and high-level relations and are truly comprehensive strategic cooperation partners.

He further said that the relationship between Russia and the United States was not like this, worsening and worsening.

In this case, our hearts are directed towards our strategic partners, which is beyond doubt. Putin added.

Putin also pointed out in his interview that in recent years, the U.S. government has made dozens of decisions related to sanctions against Moscow, according to the Russian newspaper Viewpoint on the same day.

He said he hoped that after the G20 summit, Russia and the United States could come up with some constructive solutions to create conditions for economic cooperation. We very much hope that common sense will eventually prevail.

In addition, the Russian leader also believes that the structure of international economic relations has been established for decades, any measures to undermine this structure... All participants in economic activities are harmful.

The day before, Trump said he planned to meet Putin during the G20 summit. However, according to Russian reports today, the Kremlin said it had not received any information from the White House on preparations for the meeting.

DATA FIGURE: On July 16, 2018, Trump and Putin met in Helsinki, Finland. Photo from Visual China

Putin had previously answered at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum how to view the Sino-US trade war, quoting the Chinese proverb: When tigers fight in the mountains, smart monkeys sit and watch how it ends. This statement was once misunderstood by some people.

In response, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on the 12th, It is suggested that these media carefully look at the full text of President Putins reply and see the whole process of the video, and do not take it out of context.

Geng Shuang further pointed out that in answering the question, President Putin first quoted the Chinese proverb sitting on a hill and watching a tiger fight, but then he said: Everything is changing, and the situation described by Chinese proverbs has changed. The United States has always advocated the principles of free trade and world economic democracy, but with the growing strength of its competitors, the United States imposes various restrictions, such as launching tariff wars, which will damage the world economy. Russia will strive for space for fair and democratic trade rules. I think that is the real attitude of President Putin and Russia towards the Sino-US economic and trade frictions.

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