CCTV Network Comments on Female Express Officers Kneel: Large Enterprises Should not Let Employees Block Bullets

 CCTV Network Comments on Female Express Officers Kneel: Large Enterprises Should not Let Employees Block Bullets

At the end of the movie The Life of the Abandoned Pine, the protagonist Pine leaves a message: I am sorry to be born as a human being. This sentence is short, but the words are in short supply. Movies can take us deep into life, reveal the cruelty of reality to the full, and reality, sometimes drama, such as movies.

This time, say sorry and kneel down, is a smooth ordinary courier. Over the past few days, the kneeling storm caused by a mango courier has not been smooth, and triggered peoples thinking about the express industry.

Lu Xun said, I have never been afraid to speculate about the Chinese people with the worst malice. Faced with repeated complaints from Zhang Mou, network public opinion began to develop in a direction not conducive to his development. Some say they take advantage of small bargains and sell well, others complain maliciously, others say that Zhang Mou is morally corrupt and psychologically distorted... Bad words, boiling.

In fact, from the consumers standpoint, it is reasonable to raise doubts and complaints in the face of non-versions of goods. However, it should be noted that this complaint should be directed at logistics companies, not individual couriers; it should be based on the actual situation, on the facts, rather than hard talk, add no need charges.

Obviously, both customer Zhang Mou and courier Nie Mou need not bear the main responsibility for this matter. So who should bear it? The answer is business. In front of enterprises, both employees and consumers are vulnerable groups. A truly powerful enterprise is not built on the obsession with consumers, nor on the exploitation and squeezing of employees.

It is well known that this is a manifestation of the existing shortcomings of the entire logistics industry - the absence of the legitimate rights and interests of employees protection system. If Zhangs repeated complaints are the fuse that causes Nie to kneel down. So the risk of being fired is to crush her last straw.

In the express industry, complaints and disputes are inevitable. For successive complaints, Yuantongs best practice should be to send representatives responsible for user feedback to communicate and negotiate with consumers in a timely manner. At the same time, establish a complete set of management and accountability mechanism, carefully retrospect every link of packaging, transportation, delivery, and finally whether the accountability falls on the individual courier, should be based on the companys final findings, rather than directly kicking the ball to employees, so that employees can block bullets.

Once an efficient and smooth safeguarding mechanism has been established, couriers will not be pushed to the front line of dispute resolution, nor will enterprises rush to punish couriers. This is also a guarantee of the rights and interests of employees, which helps to enhance the sense of belonging of employees. The structure of an enterprise is large enough to support employees whose rights and interests are damaged.

However, as far as the current situation is concerned, Nie Mous situation is not uncommon. This is directly related to the implementation of franchise system in most express delivery enterprises. Compared with direct operation system such as Shunfeng, which can be directly involved by customer service to communicate and solve problems with customers, some logistics companies and even smaller organizations mostly belong to franchise system. Delivery, distribution and compensation of related markets will be undertaken by contractors. In order to maximize the interests of franchisors, it is possible for couriers themselves to directly negotiate with consumers and bear claims.

Of course, avoiding some negative news about couriers to talk about their humanistic concern is also biased. Due to the barbaric growth of express industry, there has been a chaos of low entry threshold, barbaric sorting, direct delivery of parcels to express cabinets and other customersrights and interests damaged. This also confirms the rationality and necessity of regulating rights and interests and strengthening supervision. Only when we look at the two aspects of things dialectically can we draw a conclusion beneficial to the development of the industry and social progress, which is true in all walks of life.

Source: CCTV News Responsible Editor: Qian Juanxiao_NBJ10675