High-powered! Fox female anchor was overwhelmed this time by Huaweis American executive.

 High-powered! Fox female anchor was overwhelmed this time by Huaweis American executive.

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Huaweis senior US officials, who were angry with US media before, are here again! This time its Fox (Source:)

Do you remember Andy Purdy, Huaweis foreign executive, who fought against US media last month?

Yesterday (11), the former U.S. federal prosecutor, former Homeland Security Department employee and Chief Security Officer of Huawei American Company were interviewed by American media again. This time, he was facing the Fox Business Channel, which is Trumps favorite media.

Faced with the aggressive questions from Maria Bartiromo, the anchor, Purdy looked calm throughout the journey, breaking one by one without changing his face.

At the beginning of the interview, Fox anchor relayed the message recently conveyed to her by US Secretary of State Pompeo and Vice President Burns that Huawei has a connection with the Chinese government. As a supplier of 5G equipment, Huawei will pose a threat to the national security of the United States and its allies.

Perdi refutes the allegations from the following points: First, German and British officials have made it clear that according to the highest level of security investigation in the United States, the U.S. government has not given Huawei evidence of misconduct in the area of network security;

Secondly, network operators control all data and their right to use them.

Thirdly, Huaweis ability to obtain relevant data is very limited, not through Huawei itself, but only through a special computer connected to the users network after obtaining written permission from the network operator. At the same time, the whole operation process will be recorded, which is both safe and transparent.

Perdi further said that 170 countries could not give evidence of Huaweis misconduct in network security, and the United States itself could not show evidence to its allies such as Britain and Germany... The British and German governments also withstood pressure from the US to block Huawei in the 5G network because the US could not provide evidence. In addition, the two countries said there were effective measures to reduce the so-called risks, which Huawei recommended the U.S. government to do, just as it did with Nokia and Ericsson.

Then the anchor mentioned a recent news: executives of Vodafone Italian branch said they had found hidden back doors in Huaweis devices, through which Huawei could access and use usershome networks and Vodafones fixed network in Italy.

Perdi immediately pointed out that this was an Oolong incident: after the initial report, Vodafone came forward to clarify that the aforementioned back door did not exist. In fact, in the past year or two, Cisco in the United States has found 8 to 10 backdoors in its products.

The host asked: How do we know that Huawei does not have such a back door in all its infrastructure?

Perdy explained: The chief deputy of the National Intelligence Director (DNI) has said that they can test whether there is a back door in their products, which is why Nokia and Ericsson can operate in the United States. With regard to this risk mitigation mechanism, we would like to have a dialogue with the U.S. government so that Huawei can also do business in the United States.

Later, the anchor put forward another point: Germany and other countries have used Huaweis equipment for a long time, and the cost of replacing these equipment is very high, which may be the reason why these countries continue to use Huawei temporarily.

In response, Purdy said that Huawei has the largest number of patents in ICT and is also the number one holder of 5G patents. The United States, Germany, Britain and other allies have no proof of the threat to national security, because there is no proof at all... DNI has also said that they can find the so-called back door through testing, and we are open to it.

The anchor also asked Perdy to explain why other countries and regions, such as the United States, Australia and so on, have also imposed a ban on Huawei.

Mr. Purdy said bluntly that all the problems between Australia and Huawei can be attributed to the fact that Australia is under political pressure (from the United States). Despite this intense pressure on countries around the world, many of our major allies are resisting, not only because of money, but also because they have not found any major network security problems, and they also believe in their own risk mitigation mechanisms. To be honest, for the sake of network security in the United States, we need to use this mechanism to deal with all network operators and equipment suppliers.

In addition, Purdy also told the anchor in the interview that the United States could investigate Huawei on the so-called security risks.

I am very happy to arrange such a dialogue and visit by the U.S. government (to Huawei). He said.

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer Network: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675