Gangsters hijacked nine Taiwanese police with AK47 grenades and called out gang Big Brother

 Gangsters hijacked nine Taiwanese police with AK47 grenades and called out gang Big Brother

Pictures of confrontation between the two sides (Taiwan media)

Overseas Network, June 13, 12, the evening of Taoyuan City, Taiwan, hostage-taking incident occurred by gunmen. Two gangsters held nine hostages with AK-47 automatic rifles, shotguns, grenades and explosives and confronted hundreds of police forces for five hours. During this period, about 20 guns were fired, and eventually the gangsters abandoned their weapons and surrendered. The hostages were safe.

According to synthesizing the news of Zhongshi E-Newspaper and Lianhe Daily, two gunmen broke into a car store near the Taoyuan City Council at about 6:00 last night (12:00) and took nine hostages. When the police arrived at the scene, they found that the gangsters were armed with pistols, submachine guns and grenades. They had strong firepower, such as operational arsenal. They immediately withdrew from calling for support and a large number of police regiments surrounded the scene.

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After negotiating with the police, the suspect released two hostages and handed over a pistol. When the police saw the attitudes of the gangsters softening, they contacted the mother and girlfriend of the suspect to be present, but they were emotional when they saw their family members. Finally, they fired outside the house. The police quickly evacuated their families and sent the negotiators to negotiate with the gangsters. After learning about the gangsters gang background, the police also found a senior elder brother with the gangster to come out and deal with the suspect.

Finally, after five hours of confrontation, the two gangsters released all hostages, handed over two long guns and three short guns, and surrendered at 11.15 p.m.

Approximate course of events (Taiwan media)

According to a preliminary investigation by the police, the two gangsters were gangsters suspected of involving a shooting at a motel in Taoyuan area last month. They were locked in by the police and fled. At present, they are not excluded from raising running fees at the car store. The gangster asked the owner of the car shop for money, but was refused by the staff, so there was a hijacking.

It is reported that one of the suspects surnamed Lin, who was jealous of his girlfriend last month, went to the motel and shot three times in a row. Lin Mu said that her son often takes medicine emotionally unstable, often jealous with his girlfriend, triggering tension with mafia brothers, she believed that the whole case was related to fighting for wind and jealousy.

The hostages left the scene and showed panic (Taiwan media)

During the confrontation, onlookers at the scene said that it seems that a policeman was shot, but finally confirmed that no one was injured.

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