Dunlans My True Friend was highly praised for her precise acting skills in love and career

 Dunlans My True Friend was highly praised for her precise acting skills in love and career

Dunlan plays a wealthy son, brother Shao Juan Orange. He disdains inheriting the family industry. In order to pursue freedom to work in love and garden shop, Dunlan becomes a real estate intermediary newcomer. He works with Cheng Zhenzhen, played by angelababy, to strive for his dreams and goals.

Shao Qian Orange Undertaking UP Should Love

In the process of partnering with Cheng Zhenzhen, Shao Zheng Orange was gradually attracted by this simple and frank girl, and always cared about it silently.

Shao Zheng Orange, who finally sold his house last week, will experience a disappointment this week. He really wants to go to Italy to negotiate cooperation with Jingran. Shao Zheng Orange King of Vinegar goes online, but he failed to stop the trip by any means. Then Shao finally recognized his heart, and his mood would fluctuate with the truth. He would laugh happily when he received the real phone call. He would feel sour when he learned that he was really close to others. Dunlan will show the changing mood of Shao Juan Orange vividly, netizens can not help but shout the orange is too pitiful for secret love, Dunlan will control the role of accuracy has also received numerous praises.

Dunlans acting skills are three-dimensional and super-dedicated

In the play, Shao Juan Orange looks like a rich second generation who careless about everything, but in fact, he is a kind and warm-hearted boy. He is patient and steady when facing customers, sincere and kind to strangers, and genuine warm care. Deng Lun interprets Shao Juan Oranges personality characteristics very well.

Recently, My True Friend burst out the behind-the-scenes tidbits of Shao Zheng Orange Metro First Experience. Shao Zheng Orange, the first time crowded on the subway, was shaken by the crowded crowd, and was accidentally trampled on small white shoes. In the tidbits, the audience showed the shooting process of self-timed perspective. Every film was not easy to present. Dunlan not only carefully shoots and speculates about the role, but also carefully reviews the fragments after each shooting in an effort to present the audience with the most perfect performance.