I am a singer Liang Bos online education star-following girl refuses to show love to her fans

 I am a singer Liang Bos online education star-following girl refuses to show love to her fans

Finals lineup opens hot dog talk for the first time: whoever loses will quit the music industry

On the spot of the class visiting meeting, eight singers and composers automatically divided into two camps in the first and second half of the season, and met for the first time with a strong taste of gunpowder. When asked about whos the most anticipated work after demo listening to each other, people began to sing for their own platform, and Chang Shilei even put on a saying that the singer is stronger in the second half of the season, which made MC Hotdog unable to help but reply: Nonsense! In the harsh words link, the youngest money in the second half of the season is changing the old people disappear state, the grandmother said you come! But the singer MC Hotdog, who is more familiar with harsh words, is particularly sharp. He directly talks about whoever loses will quit the music circle, and dont do music in the future, which makes the bloody atmosphere of the war soar to the top.

In addition, which singer wants to challenge the other half of the season has also become an unavoidable topic at the visiting class meeting. Bai Yonggang, who successfully sang seven songs, said that he wanted to challenge Liang Bo most, and disclosed that Liang Bo had formed an indissoluble bond with him since 2012. Liang Bo, who never admits to the challenge, does not admit defeat in the momentum. He responds aggressively to the challenger: Whoever chooses me, I will choose who. Zeng Yike, who was judged by his dog brother as too strong, no one dares to choose, also put out harsh words: Just as nobody chose me, if someone chose me, I would let him lose, which can be said to be overbearing. Although the program has not yet been broadcasted to the finals, but after watching the cries between singers and songwriters, netizens have been eager to wait, hoping that the immortal fight can come sooner.

Liang Bo was tortured by the soul of his fans. How can I marry him? He answered Impossible honestly.

As a matter of fact, I am a composer, which brings singers of different looks and musical styles to meet in the finals, has stimulated the vitality of the Chinese music circle in a variety of musical forms. From Liang Bos appearance in Focus Interview, it is easy to see that the program is really popular. By focusing on the singers ecology and discussing social topics, the singer has won public recognition, and the program has become the most popular and popular music variety after the beginning of 2019.