Easy Moment Voice Edition: Seeing this announcement, female students cant sit down.

 Easy Moment Voice Edition: Seeing this announcement, female students cant sit down.

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Weixin netizen Rabbit Head Cabin said:

How can we arrange it? Sleep with your head covered. I wish I could make up for all the sleep I lacked in high school for several years.

Wechat netizens said, Autumn Harvest Season:

Wechat netizen Zhou Bin said:

Wechat netizens left hand want to ask you a question:

What does 985 mean? I didnt go to high school, not even junior high school. Only a primary school diploma.

Moderator: Here I take this opportunity to simply popularize science. The so-called 985211 universities are actually educational projects for two countries to build top universities. 211 refers to countries that proposed the 21st century in 1993 and created 100 institutions of higher learning, while 985 is more expensive. Why 985? Because this project was proposed in May 1998, only 9 universities were selected at that time. There are only 39 in the country. Things are precious because they are scarce. Anyway, the exam will go to these two kinds of schools and designate appreciation.

Audience friends, Im so harmful to pia. Yesterday after work, I took 20 yuan and went to buy cigarettes. 18.. After paying the money, the boss did not look for the money, so I asked, Boss, why dont you look for change? Then the boss said a meaningful sentence: Well, the main thing is that the zero is too hard to find now, and the quality is not high, are you?

Wechat netizens if said:

Host, I am confused. Originally intended to buy a house in the struggling city, with their hard-saved money ranked, but suddenly I hesitated.

I just graduated last year, and just started my struggle, I want to take root in this city. My family can help me pay down, but also empty all the savings in my family. This makes me very unhappy. I also have to carry heavy mortgages to live. The 30-year mortgage always feels remote. I am really afraid. I like this city, but I am also worried about being an only child. I cant take care of my parents. Maybe I really shouldnt take root here. This city gives me countless reasons to stay, but I may have to give up for one reason. Well, lets slow down. Ill fight hard in this city I love first. Too much consideration will only restrict my steps. People probably have to take one step to see one step at a time. The same song This Age is given to us at this age and to us wandering in the ideal and reality.

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