Beijing Second Ring Rental only 1800 yuan? Eggshell apartments or suspected false publicity

 Beijing Second Ring Rental only 1800 yuan? Eggshell apartments or suspected false publicity

On June 11, Liu Lin, a lawyer in Beijing, told an upstream journalist that the advertisement for eggshell apartment could be suspected of false publicity and should be subject to administrative penalties if the housing resources described in the video were not available.

Advertisement in the tremolo: Beijing 2nd Ring Ring Subway Main Sleeping Belt with Solitary Guard rents 1800 yuan per month

The girl above said, My rent is 3,200 yuan. I share the rent with others. Every day I have to queue up to go to the toilet and wash. I live outside the Fifth Ring Road, and I have to drive an hour and a half to work every day. The new mortgage pays three for one, and the intermediary fee, so the pressure is great.

The girl below said, My rent is 1800 yuan. The master bedroom is equipped with a solitary guard and has its own space. Living in the Second Ring Road, the entrance of the community is the subway, leaving 15 minutes to the company. Im not worried at all, because its an eggshell apartment with a one-for-one deposit and no intermediary fee.

At the bottom of the video, it shows the words Video is for reference only, please download APP for inquiry about the rental concessions in May.

Upstream journalists download App for eggshell apartment and search for a house according to the advertisement standard of independent toilet, near subway, monthly rent, 1000-2000 yuan and so on. The search results are: Sorry! No house was found.

On June 10, upstream journalists called the eggshell apartment to inquire about the rental price near the subway in Beijings Second Ring Road. A staff member said that at present, the rent of the main bedroom with solitary guard in the western urban area of the Second Ring Road is close to the metro, which is more than 3000 per month. The area is about 19-35 square meters. The rent of the second Ring Road near the metro in the eastern urban area is even higher.

As for the advertisement 1800 Rent Second Ring near the main sleeping house with a guard on the tremolo, the staff member said that the content of the advertisement was not clear.

Upstream journalists also noticed that after the advertisement was released, Weibo netizens commented, The eggshell advertisement is really dressed. 1800 yuan is next to the mainland railway with the second ring of solitary guard. How good are you to live in the Forbidden City?

Reporters have noticed that the video advertisement is now off the shelf from tremolo. For the reasons for the off-shelf, the tremolo staff responded that: it may be due to cooperate with the business, after the expiration of the video automatically deleted; it may also be business requests to delete advertising, but the specific situation is not clear.

Real Estate Intermediary: Its hard to rent a house even if its offered a discount.

Upstream journalists noted that in May, the eggshell apartment offered preferential activities: the eggshell apartment offered May rental time-limited benefits to new and old customers. From May 14 to May 31, users who first signed or renewed the annual rent of designated housing sources could enjoy the dual benefits of first month reduction and cash-back, with a maximum of 4,000 yuan saved. If the financial pressure is high and the living mobility is high, the preferential monthly rent mode can also be chosen. Taking Beijing as an example, eligible tenants will pay back 300 yuan in one month, 300 yuan in the first month and 500 yuan in the next month, and 800 yuan in total.

In response, a Beijing real estate agency expert who did not want to be named said that, according to the advertisement, even for the general housing resources, the most preferential scheme is to take a discount of 4,000 yuan a year, an average of 300 yuan a month, plus its monthly rent of 1,800 yuan, the monthly rent is 2,200 yuan --- the price of renting a house near the Metro master bedroom with self-guard in Beijings Second Ring Road is almost impossible, unless the merchants do so. Paste it upside down with real gold and silver.

Lawyers View: If eggshell cant provide false propaganda about housing supply

Lawyer Liu Lin believes that Article 8 of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law stipulates that operators shall not use advertisements or other means to make misleading false propaganda on the quality, composition, performance, use, producer, expiry date and origin of commodities. The Advertising Law also stipulates that advertisements should be true and legal, should not contain false content, and should not deceive or mislead consumers. Once the above-mentioned video advertisements are made public, they are part of the offer. The company should be bound by the video content. Specific preferential activities can be inconsistent with the video, but the gap should not be too large. Otherwise, it is to induce consumers, which belongs to false propaganda, and should be subject to relevant administrative penalties.

Source: Upstream News Author: Shen Du Liable Editor: Xiao Qi_NN6799