Will Hong Kongs amendments affect international confidence in Hong Kong? Response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Will Hong Kongs amendments affect international confidence in Hong Kong? Response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Q: Recently, the European Union issued a statement on the amendment of the Hong Kong SAR Government, saying that the amendment may have a long-term impact on Hong Kong and the people of Hong Kong. Do you think this statement is a normal concern of the EU or an irresponsible statement?

A: I have been answering similar questions for two days. As we have said many times, Hong Kongs affairs are purely Chinas internal affairs, and no country, organization or individual has the right to intervene. China strongly disapproves and resolutely opposes the irresponsible and erroneous remarks made by the EU on the amendment of the SAR regulations. We call on the EU side to treat the HKSAR Government objectively and impartially, to amend its laws and regulations in accordance with the law, to be cautious in its words and deeds, and to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and Chinas internal affairs in any form.

Q: It is reported that the Bush China-US Relations Foundation awarded former US President Carter the first Sino-US Relations Politician George Herbert Walker Bush Award at the Carter Center in Atlanta on December 12. The award aims to recognize those who have made significant contributions to the development of constructive and mutually beneficial relations between China and the United States. What is Chinas comment on this?

A: I saw this report. Forty years ago, Chinese and American leaders, proceeding from the fundamental interests of the two peoples and with extraordinary strategic vision and political courage, made a historic decision to establish diplomatic relations between China and the United States, which opened a new page in Sino-US relations. As a party and witness of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States at that time, Mr. Carter has been committed to promoting the development of Sino-US relations during his presidency and after his resignation. We appreciate that.

Over the past 40 years, Sino-US relations have experienced ups and downs and achieved historic development, which has not only brought tremendous benefits to the two peoples, but also promoted world peace, stability, development and prosperity. Forty yearsexperience has proved that China and the United States, two great powers with totally different history, culture, social system and ideology, can achieve mutual respect and win-win cooperation on the basis of non-conflict and non-confrontation.

We note that for some time, many American insightful people, including Mr. Carter, have appealed to the current US government to look objectively at Chinas economic and social development and to promote more positive results in US-China cooperation.

It is hoped that the current U.S. government will listen carefully to these rational and pragmatic voices and draw useful experience from the 40-year development of China-U.S. relations, and not let the differences between the two countries hinder exchanges and cooperation between the two sides. We hope that the United States will work with China to expand cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, control differences on the basis of mutual respect, jointly promote Sino-US relations based on coordination, cooperation and stability, and continuously improve the well-being of the two countries and the people of the world.

Q: Yesterday, the Hong Kong SAR police dispersed the people protesting outside the Legislative Council building. Does the central government support the Hong Kong SAR police in this way?

A: The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and relevant officials have spoken on recent events, pointing out that what happened in the vicinity of the Golden Bell in Hong Kong is not peaceful assembly, but an open and organized riot.

Any act that undermines Hong Kongs prosperity and stability is opposed by the mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong. No civilized and rule-of-law society will tolerate illegal acts that undermine peace and tranquility and disregard the law and discipline. The Central Government of China strongly condemns all kinds of violence, and we support the HKSAR Government in dealing with it in accordance with the law.

Q: Recently, the Policy Research Institute of the American think-tank Asian Association has released a research report entitled the initiative of one belt and one road initiative. The report is based on the policy discussion and field research of the countries related to the sub - coordination one way and one way, and actively evaluate the original intention and significance of the one along the road initiative, and also put forward suggestions and suggestions on the construction. What is Chinas comment on this?

A: You should know that we generally do not make very specific comments on the media, think tanks, experts, scholarsreports and opinions, so I can only make a principled response here.

We have taken note of the report issued by the Asian Association. I think this report reflects that the one belt and one way initiative is gaining more and more attention and attention from people of insight. The report also acknowledged the positive role of the one belt and one way initiative in promoting infrastructure interconnection and promoting economic growth in various countries. As for the comments and suggestions put forward in the report, I think relevant Chinese departments will attach importance to them and study them carefully.

With this opportunity, I would like to point out once again that in the past 6 years, more than 150 countries and international organizations have signed a joint cooperation agreement with China, and that the one belt and one road circle of friends has been expanding. During the second one belt and one way International Cooperation Summit Forum, the Chinese side issued the report on the joint development of the one belt and one road initiative: progress, contribution and prospect, which focused on the consensus and achievements of all sides in building the one belt and one road, and put forward suggestions and suggestions for the development of high quality. China has also issued various documents, such as the sustainability analysis framework of the one belt road debt, the Beijing initiative on clean Silk Road, and the initiative road Cooperation Initiative, all of which have interpreted the willingness of the Chinese side to uphold the principle of building and sharing together with the parties, and to jointly promote the construction of one belt and one road .

Finally, I want to emphasize that sharing and sharing is the only way to achieve the high quality development of one belt and one road. The essence of the Three Communists is to practice multilateralism. The one by one initiative is an open and inclusive initiative, and all like-minded partners can participate in it. China is ready to work with all parties to strengthen policy docking, promote the implementation of the forum results, actively build a global partnership for interoperability, and promote high-quality joint construction of one belt and one road international cooperation, and continue to make new achievements.

Q: First, it is understood that the Venezuelan government and the opposition held talks in Sweden this week. Will China send representatives to the meeting? Second, the founder of Telegram, an encrypted communications application, said that the application had been attacked by a Chinese source. The attack was related to the protests in Hong Kong. How did China respond to that?

A: On the first question, I dont know the details you mentioned. What I can tell you is that China is willing to continue to communicate with all parties, persuade and negotiate, jointly seek a peaceful solution to the Venezuelan problem and maintain peace and stability in Venezuela and the region.

Second, I dont understand what you mentioned. What I can tell you is that China has always opposed any form of cyber attacks, and China is also a victim of cyber attacks. We have always advocated that the international community should jointly safeguard Cyberspace Security through dialogue and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit.

Q: For the first time, US President Trump responded to the amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance by the HKSAR Government. White House spokesman said President Trump may have talked about the matter during a meeting with President Xi Jinping during the G20 Osaka summit. Recently, members of the U.S. Congress said they would introduce a cross-party Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in the coming days to promote the U.S. government to reconsider Hong Kongs status. Does the central government worry that the amendment will affect the confidence of the international community in Hong Kong? How to evaluate the international impact of the amendments on Hong Kong?

A: I have been responding to the U.S. proposal that the heads of state of China and the United States meet during the Osaka Summit of the Group of Twenty. We note that the United States has repeatedly publicly expressed its wish to arrange for the two heads of state to meet during the Osaka Summit. If there is any specific information in this regard, we will release it in time.

As for the USs position on the latest developments in Hong Kong, I have just said that Hong Kong affairs are purely Chinas internal affairs. We firmly oppose any interference by any country, organization or individual. We urge the United States to treat Hong Kong SAR Government objectively and impartially, to amend its laws and regulations in accordance with the law, to exercise caution and to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and Chinas internal affairs in any form.

As for your reference to one country, two systems and the confidence of the outside world in Hong Kong, I can tell you that since Hong Kongs return to China, the principles of one country, two systems, Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong and high degree of autonomy have been effectively implemented. The Hong Kong SAR continues to maintain prosperity and stability, and Hong Kong continues to be selected by many international institutions as one of the freest economies and the most competitive regions in the world. There is no need to worry that the amendments will shake the confidence of the international community in Hong Kongs development.

Q: Recently, the Canadian Prime Ministers Office said that Prime Minister Trudeau proposed in January this year that Prime Minister Shi and Prime Minister Li Keqiang discuss the arrest of two Canadian citizens in China, but China ignored the Canadian request. Last month, the foreign minister said that he had asked for a telephone call with State Councilor Wang Yi and Foreign Minister, but it failed. Does this mean that Sino-Canadian relations are cold?

A: I havent heard of any of the situations you mentioned. What I can tell you is that the current difficult situation in Sino-Canadian relations is entirely caused by the Canadian side itself and that the responsibility lies solely with the Canadian side. We hope that the Canadian side will take seriously Chinas solemn concerns, release Ms. Bang Wanzhou immediately and allow her to return home safely, and take effective measures to promote the return of Sino-Canadian relations to normal at an early date.

Q: What is the maximum number of street protests in Hong Kong in the past few days?

A: You may need to ask the HKSAR government about this question. They have more specific information.

Q: Recently, China and Vanuatu, the Pacific island country, signed a research agreement on wharf construction. But the US intelligence department is worried that the port may be used for both military and civilian purposes. Can you provide more details?

A: I dont know the details you mentioned. What I can tell you is that China has always maintained friendly and cooperative relations with Pacific island countries, including Vanuatu. We have actively provided assistance and support for the development and construction of Pacific island countries, which are warmly welcomed and highly appreciated by the people of the island countries.

We have stressed on many occasions that China welcomes other countriescontributions to helping island countries develop and improve peoples livelihood and welfare, with more real gold and silver. Instead of always doubting Chinas contribution, we should take some measures on our own.

Q: Is China concerned that if the protests in Hong Kong continue, the Legislative Council may make some adjustments on the issue of amendments?

A: The Hong Kong SAR Government has made many explanations on the issue of amendments. As far as I know, the SAR Government has listened extensively to the opinions of all sectors of society on the revision work, adjusted the draft amendments twice and responded positively to the relevant proposals.

As for the specific arrangements for the next revision, I suggest you ask the SAR Government. I would like to emphasize that the Central Government of China firmly supports the HKSAR Government in promoting the revision of the two Regulations.