Li Zongwei Farewell: Want to fight Lindane again, but life has no if

 Li Zongwei Farewell: Want to fight Lindane again, but life has no if

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] Malaysian badminton player Lee Zongwei announced his retirement today. He admitted that he was no longer allowed to take part in high-intensity badminton training. At the retirement conference, he thanked his family and fans for their support for his 19-year career. At about 17 oclock, Li Zongwen sent a long farewell message on Weibo saying that he wanted to fight Lindan again, but there was no such thing in life.

Screenshot of Li Zongweis Weibo

The following is the full text of Li Zongweis microblog:

Hello, everyone. Im Li Zongwei. After several struggles, I finally chose to hang up the racket, drawing a conclusion for my nearly 20 years of badminton career in Malaysia National Team.

I am sorry to disappoint the fans. If circumstances permit, I would like to stand on the Olympic arena for the fifth time to realize the Olympic gold medal dream. If my body can, I also want to carry the expectations of the Chinese people and continue to move forward in the flag. If I can, I want to fight Lindane again, if I can, but there is no such thing in life.

Its not an easy decision to put down the racket. Im full of frustration, but its a good decision. Thank you to the coaches, teammates, all the staff of the Yuequan General Administration, the physiotherapists, all the friends who like me, love me and support me, who have seen me play and left messages for me. Thank you, I can be me because of you on the way.

Many friends ask me what I plan to do in the future. In addition to a good rest, there are many things waiting for me to do, including fulfilling my promise, taking my wife to my honeymoon, until now, when we get married, we finally have time to do it. Ha, what good place to recommend?

Dear friends, I will get off at this stop first. I hope that with your good wishes, I can continue to go on to the next more wonderful life.

Subsequently, CCTV Sports also forwarded his farewell message, Bless the next life is also wonderful.

Under Li Zongweis microblog, netizens expressed reluctance, but more were blessings.

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