He did not become the top cattle of the county Party committee secretary he openly made decisions with the central and provincial committees

 He did not become the top cattle of the county Party committee secretary he openly made decisions with the central and provincial committees

On June 13, China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Newspaper published the article The Capricious Director Who Cant Be Ordered Planted, which disclosed the problems of Li Jiangang, the former Secretary and director of the Party Leadership Group of Yuncheng Forestry Bureau of Shanxi Province.

Li Jiangang, born in January 1970, was investigated in August last year and transferred to the judiciary in January this year.

The Shanxi Discipline Commissions Supervisory Committee notified that, after investigation, Li Jiangang violated political discipline, did not implement the central governments decision-making and deployment on improving the collective forest tenure system reform, confronted organizational review, and was mainly responsible for the illegal consumption of public funds by the staff around him; violated work discipline, pushed aside responsibility for slow action, avoided contradictions and omissions, and did not implement the arrangement and deployment of the Municipal Committee and the municipal government on forestry work. It is suspected of embezzlement of public funds by taking advantage of official convenience; it is suspected of bribery by taking advantage of official convenience to seek benefits for others and to accept property.

According to the official resume, Li Jiangang was appointed Secretary of the Standing Committee and Discipline Committee of Pinglu County Committee in 2010, and Deputy Secretary of Linyi County Committee the following year. In 2013, he took the post of Linyi County Governor. After three years as county governor, in 2016, he was transferred to Secretary and Director of the Party Group of Yuncheng Forestry Bureau.

Li Jiangang (Information Map)

The change of official career from county governor to director of forestry bureau made it difficult for Li Jiangang to accept.

The article in China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily disclosed that in Li Jiangangs mind, although he was also a cadre post at the county level, the county chief was obviously more important than the director of the Municipal Forestry Bureau. From the county governor to the director of the municipal forestry bureau, he moved his own bowl of cheese. After the transfer of posts, the spirit and complaint organization frequently violated political discipline, refused to implement the major policies and principles set by the Party Central Committee, refused to implement the major work arrangements of provincial and municipal committees, believed that only inaction can show their temper and retaliate against the superiorsignorance of people and good responsibility.

Li Jiangang also wrote in his confession: Without being appointed as the Secretary of the county Party committee, the county magistrates position has not been preserved, and I feel that the future is slim. I went to the post of Director of the Municipal Forestry Bureau with a feeling of great incomprehension and even complaint about the organization.

Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, takes Li Jiangangs case as an example to carry out the city-wide itinerant warning education activities

So how does Li Jiangang retaliate against his superiors ignorance of people and good responsibility?

Li Jiangang began to indulge himself, not to be enterprising, to pass by, to act in a negative way, and to respond negatively to the decision-making and deployment of the central government. Attendance at the meeting was in the mood regardless of major events. The voice of Four Consciousness and Two Maintenance insists on One More Thing Is Better than One Less Thing behind the scenes. It does not carry out or implement the decision-making deployment of the higher level, and openly top cattle with the decision-making deployment of the CPC Central Committee, Shanxi Provincial Committee and Yuncheng Committee.

Taking deepening the reform of collective forest right system as an example, the Yuncheng government has listed this reform as the key work that the forestry department must promote for three consecutive years since 2016. But Li Jiangang turned a deaf ear to it and ignored it. He did not even hold a special meeting. Even when the staff had done the basic work such as investigating and groping, and had asked for instructions and reports many times, he still said, This work is easy to cause controversy, and we would rather be notified by our superiors than actively promote it.

There are quite a lot of disputes about the confirmation of forest land ownership in Yuncheng. I am afraid that it will lead to old contradictions and new contradictions. I have not actively and actively tried to solve this problem. Li Jiangang wrote in his confession.

In October 2017, the Central Environmental Protection Inspection Group and the Environmental Protection Inspection Group of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government gave feedback to Yuncheng on 53 illegal construction issues involving nature reserves. Yuncheng Municipal Forestry Bureau has been defined as the leading responsibility unit for the rectification, and the time limit for the rectification has been specified. However, Li Jiangang was indifferent to the rectification work of the problems found by the environmental protection supervision, did not study, analyze and formulate effective solutions, and did not participate in the city rectification work conference. After assigning the work to the deputy in charge, he did not pay attention to it, which resulted in the serious lag of the rectification work.

In July 2016, the Shanxi Forestry Department transferred the budgetary investment funds of the project to the cities. Due to the inadequate supporting funds and imperfect construction procedures of the county-level peoples government where the project is located, the project has been delayed to start.

Shanxi Provincial Forestry Department repeatedly urged Yuncheng Forestry Bureau. As the leader of Yuncheng Project Leading Group, Li Jiangang only arranged the staff of the unit to inform the relevant county government several times in succession, neither personally solving the problem, nor consulting the relevant leaders of the city government to coordinate and communicate, and only retained the vouchers of postal correspondence to prove that the work fulfilled its responsibilities. Since then, due to the inadequate abortion of the project, 13.47 million project funds have been recovered by the Provincial Forestry Department and adjusted to other cities, while the current situation of the lagging construction of forest fire prevention hardware in Yuncheng City has not been improved.

Resume of Li Jiangang

Li Jiangang, male, Han nationality, born in January 1970, is a native of Xinjiang County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. He has a university education. He took part in work in July 1993 and joined the Communist Party of China in June 1995.

In February 2010, he was appointed Secretary of the Standing Committee and Discipline Committee of Pinglu County Committee.

In April 2011, he was appointed Deputy Secretary of Linyi County Party Committee.

In July 2013, he served as deputy secretary and county head of Linyi County Party Committee.

In August 2016, he was appointed Secretary and Director of the Party Group of Yuncheng Forestry Bureau.

They were investigated in August 2018.

Source: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499, responsible editor of Beijing News