Shi Yuqi even got 11 points: Taotian is going to attack my tactics successfully!

 Shi Yuqi even got 11 points: Taotian is going to attack my tactics successfully!

Few people thought that China would win 3-0, not to mention that Shi Yuqi would win so simply in the next two games. This is the worlds number one, 2018 World Championship mens singles champion Taotian Xiandou. Just last month at the Wuhan Asian Championship, Shi Yuqi was not an opponent in the final 1-2. Today again, Taotian Xiandou won the first game with a stable play.

Two games over? Three games again? Womens doubles? There was a lot of discussion. However, the script did not follow any hot words, but went to the extreme. In the second game, Taotian lost touch instantly, and had no response to Shi Yuqis attack. He was 5-21 crisp. At this moment, in fact, the audience is more inclined to say that the second inning of Taotian is open, and the third inning is the most intense competition.

The third inning is indeed such a sign, Taotian took the initiative to attack, scoring the first two points. Instead, the audience may be more worried about Shi Yuqi, because the worlds number one Japanese will take the initiative to attack! In fact, Shi Yuqi is actually enjoying himself secretly. After the match, Shi Yuqi pointed out the key point: The third game came up, Taotian made a change. The fact that he didnt play defensive counter-attacks but took the initiative proved that he was beginning to be anxious. Because this initiative attack is not exactly what he is good at, he even gave up his strong points to attack me, I think his tactics have been successful, so I see the hope of winning.

The little stone judged it very accurately. After Taotian attacked a few points, the initiative on the court was completely occupied by Shi Yuqi. Shi Yuqi scored 11 points in a row at 2-3 to establish the victory by 13-3, and finally won the last point by 21-11. The whole team immediately rushed to the sidelines to embrace him and celebrate. Thats a great feeling! Shi Yuqi said. When he won the group match, he celebrated it vigorously. Today, when he wins, he feels relieved and relaxed. The two feelings are very different.

After the game, he said that the first inning was not that the opponent played very well, but that he did not play well. Want to win this point too much leads to his nervous start, thinking but suspicious of his mentality led to the failure to hit things out. After that, Shi Yuqi had no burden at all; on the contrary, Taotian became more nervous under the pressure of 0-2, and could hardly react to Shi Yuqis killing in the end. Shi Yuqi said: Everyone said that Taotian made few mistakes, but he was under too much pressure today. He often made mistakes under my attack.

Harvest the second world champion stone, we look forward to your more victories!

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