Han Qiaosheng satirizes CCTV with womens volleyball teams anger and makes excuses for the national team.

 Han Qiaosheng satirizes CCTV with womens volleyball teams anger and makes excuses for the national team.

Han Qiaosheng wrote: On the one hand, the National Football Team beat Tajikistan by 1:0, and the commentator mentioned endlessly that the hot weather in Guangzhou had a great impact on the physical fitness of the National Football Team... On the other side, the Chinese womens volleyball team swept Poland 3:0.

He also wrote in his reply to his netizens: Weather conditions have the same impact on the two teams. We really dont want to say anything when we face Tajikistan, ranked 161. Lippi is in favor of more bold use of young players, not afraid of losing, let them exercise more, play more games. Maybe its better to hit him for a few years than to have to do it right now.

Just a few days ago, China defeated the Philippines 2-0 in the first match of Lippis second national soccer team at the Palace. This game also created two new histories: the first naturalized player appeared on the stage, and the first player came on the stage after 00. For this game, Han Qiaosheng tears up the national football.

He wrote: Yesterday, the National Football Team beat the Philippines 2-0, and our media are still showing off how inspired they are. Look at Iraq and what kind of teams are warming up, the African powerhouse Tunisia. Even if there is no money, people will not find weak brigades, and will not spend money to invite people to their homes, thin donkeys pull hard shit. People are not afraid of losing games, so they can go to a strong African team like Tunisia to study. Only in this way can they really warm up. The warmth of our national football team is so tragic that we have to pay the Philippines and XXXStan to come home and earn the so-called ranking points in order to win the group seed seats in the Asian qualifiers of the World Cup. It seems that there are not many weak teams left for the national football team. Besides, as long as those who take part in the Asian preliminary contest are crowned as strong by the Chinese media, in fact, there are so many strong teams in Asia, including the Chinese team, which are weak. Dont call all the teams what strong they are just for fear of being called weak.

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