Notice of danger of poisoning caused by thin needle injection into womens legs

 Notice of danger of poisoning caused by thin needle injection into womens legs

Diagnosis of Botulinum Toxin Poisoning after Injection of Lean Face Needle into Legs

Xiao Chen, a 25-year-old from Shanyang County, worked in a beauty agency in Shanyang County a few years ago. During the purchase and use of skin care products sold by the beauty parlor, she found that the effect was good. In order to know more, the two-dimensional code of the micro-message package of Xiao Chens scanned products added Ms. Zhou, the legal representative of Shaanxi Xuanyue Biotechnology Co., Ltd. In December 2018, Xiao Chen took his parents to the company to buy a suit of products, and received on-site training in using methods. However, Xiao Chens parents felt uncomfortable for a long time in the process of using the product. Xiao Chen Sui negotiated with Ms. Zhou and replaced several products with thin needles.

I think its OK after I use the needle as required, so Ill consider using it on my leg. Xiao Chen introduced that on March 31, 2019, she contacted Ms. Zhou and Mr. Sun, who are in charge of Xuanyue Company. The other side indicated that they could inject into their legs and gave the injection plan. Xiao Chen was injected according to the plan. However, three days later, he developed dizziness, dizziness, panic and other symptoms, and the situation became more and more serious. He had to seek medical treatment. However, no cause was found from the local county hospital to many third-class hospitals in Xian. Later, he went to Tangdu Hospital. After Mr. Li, husband of Xiao Chen, provided that his wife had injected a thin needle a few days ago, the cause of the disease came to the surface under special examination and was diagnosed as botulinum toxin poisoning.

Only then did I know that my lovers illness was related to the injection. Mr. Li, Chens husband, said that the cause of the disease had been identified, but there was no antitoxin for treatment in the hospital, which resulted in a persistent aggravation of the disease and weak breathing. On April 12, the hospital issued a danger notice saying that respiratory failure and cardiac arrest could occur at any time. Fortunately, the hospital contacted Nanjing the next day with three antitoxins. Xiao Chens family flew to Nanjing to buy back the antitoxins. Only then did the condition stabilize, and then bought seven. Xiao Chen became normal after the second treatment.

Bottle body without product information

Suspected to be three no products

In the course of Xiao Chens treatment, his family contacted the person in charge of Shaanxi Xuanyue Biotechnology Co., Ltd. many times, but they were perfunctory and said nothing. Mr. Li said that after the other party learned that his lover was seriously ill, he blackened his Wechat and refused to answer his mobile phone. In desperation, Xiao Chens family reported the case to the local police station, and sent the suspected three products with only the name of the bottle to the FDA for report.

On the afternoon of June 11, a reporter from China Business Daily met Xiao Chen and his family. Xiao Chen provided a recording of a negotiation with the person in charge of the company concerned. The other side made it clear that Xiao Chen did not ask them about the usage and dosage of the drug. It was his random injection that caused the problem, and said it was not so serious. In a snapshot of Xiao Chens chat with his counterpart, he said that she was not poisoned, but hit the ganglion point.

After the accident, Xiao Chen still had a few bottles of medicines in his hands. Chinese Business Journal reporters saw that besides the name of the medicines, there was almost no other information on the bottle. There was no manufacturer, batch number, efficacy, ingredients on the label. Xiao Chen used to have a dark outer packing box when he took the product, but there was also little information on the box.

On the afternoon of June 11, witnessed by reporters, Mr. Li contacted Ms. Zhou, the head of Xuanyue Company, but failed. He also contacted Ms. Zhang, an employee who had coordinated the matter many times before. The other side said that the more than 100,000 compensation proposed by Xiao Chen could not be agreed because of the large gap between the company and the two sides. At the same time, she said she had consulted lawyers and calculated the amount of compensation, up to about 20,000 yuan.

Source: Li Wan_B11284, Responsible Editor of Huashang Net-Huashang Daily